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Get an Investment through a pitching Competion// LA-Santa Monica
Starting July 1st, 2018 contestants from all over the world can go to Expert DOJO’s website and book a time to Investment pitch, submit your pitch video online or pitch at Techday & submit your video. Participants who enter The Cage will also have the opportunity to be featured on ViralHub’s TV Show. Do you have what it takes? Contest ends October 31, 2018. Start up's are our future, and it's the answer for the future through investing and creating new investments. Whats Included: Here at Expert DOJO, we are determined to help you SUCCEED, In addition to get you an investment and a successful pitch. We know that start-ups need more than just money, which is why we have partnered with the top workspace, marketing, logistics, and travel films in the world to guarantee your business's success. Located in Santa Monica, we can help make your dream come true, and create the business you always dreamed of. From a start up, we can help accelerate your business and make it as successful as we can! In addition: A total cash prized investment will not exceed $1M. The individual investments will be a minimum of $50K to a maximum of $500K , depending on investment needed. TO APPLY for competing in the pitch, click on the link below: Also, visit our website to get more details about the event in the link below:

Expert DOJO, top level of Santa Monica Place

Unit 308, 395 Santa Monica Place · Santa Monica, CA

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    Entrepreneurs do better when they work together. Most of us are too busy to network enough. Most of us don't feel we have time to get the kind of training we need. Most of us need ad hoc support from other entrepreneurs in order to make big leaps forward. This group helps solve all these issues for Entrepreneurs on the West Side.

    We will meet at least twice a month to discuss topics like:

    How to start a successful business quickly
    How to sell and deliver products and services effectively online
    How to create a website that closes customers
    How to generate leads quickly and cost effectively
    How to use sites like and to build effective production teams fast
    Sales tips, tricks and traps
    Lead generation & cold calls
    Closing sales face to face
    How to network effectively
    Effective social media marketing
    Effective viral media marketing
    How to fulfill orders and ship products quickly worldwide
    Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques for more effective communication
    Using new media to reach new markets
    Ethical business practices
    Starting a social enterprise
    How to fund/finance a business
    Where to find investors and lenders

    These are just a few of the topics we'll address. Each month will be 1/3 lecture, 1/3 round table, and 1/3 face to face networking. You will leave each event with new tools and new solutions.

    This is an enlightened entrepreneur network because we understand that most of the time, most people find what they look for, get what they ask for, and benefit most when they find a way to be of service to others. Good business creates great wealth not just for entrepreneurs but for the communities they serve.

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