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The top of the page image of a UFO is from video shot by a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet. The pilot (David Fravor, Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 41) was one of two pilots tasked by the carrier USS Nimitz to track the UFO over the Pacific near San Diego in 2004. Cdr Fravor stated that the performance of the UFO convinced him that it was "not of this world."

That's because he and the other pilot saw that the large Tic Tac shaped 40' long craft hovered over the water with no visible means of propulsion, wings or other flight control surfaces. It then ascended to thousands of feet and allowed the two Super Hornets to follow it in a large circular path, until one of the pilots cut across the circle flying straight at the UFO, which took off "at the speed of a bullet."

For more about the video, please visit Tom DeLonge's website To the Stars Academy. (https://coi.tothestarsacademy.com/gimbal/)

Welcome to the Santa Monica Paranormal UFO Group from organizer David Watkinson:

I'd like to explain that I took over running this group when the original organizer left and the meetup was going to close. I thought that it would be a shame to shut down the group, especially since I live in Santa Monica and would like to have a place to meet with people who share an interest in the subjects covered.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have time to hold meetings. I work on the TV show The Orville and I'm writing a feature film that involves UFOs, aliens, metaphysics and quantum physics related to another one of my projects.

For that other project, I'm working with NASA physicists (and a Caltech Professor of Mathematics) who say there is evidence that we are living in a simulated virtual reality created by a vast consciousness and we are all individual units of that consciousness. I was honored to be included with the scientists as one of the authors of a paper proposing quantum physics experiments to test the VR theory. Our paper was published last June in a peer-reviewed quantum physics journal: International Journal of Quantum Foundations, “On Testing the Simulation Theory.“ (http://www.ijqf.org/archives/4105)

Since I don't currently have time to hold meetings, I post info about other meetings of interest, like the monthly meetings organized by Steve Murillo of UPARS LA (https://www.meetup.com/UPARS-Los-Angeles/) at the Unitarian Church in Studio City.

When you go to Steve's meeting, you'll need to join UPARS LA or pay $15 at the door. ($10 for members.) It's well worth the money! The group is well organized and has great guests along with videos of past meetings.

And I recently attended the LAUFO Channel meetup (https://www.meetup.com/LA-UFO-Channel/) where I met organizers Hans Boysen and Fausto Perez who I found to be very knowledgable about the subject. So I'll be posting links to their events.

And I'm happy to post other meetings or events that you think might be of interest to the membership. Just send me a message with details.

Thanks and welcome to the group!

David Watkinson

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Ancient Aliens Mike Bara at UPARS LA!

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Daniel P. Sheehan comes to UPARS LA!

Unitarian Universalist Church

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