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If you are interested in building wealth through passive real estate investing, especially in multifamily, this meetup is for you.

If you are a busy professional, own a business or work at a high-level position and have little time or knowledge to invest in real estate.

The primary focus of the club is to educate its members on passive real estate investing and help passive investors gain valuable knowledge on the subject: - Which markets are great for multifamily investing- The different types of passive investors- How to know you if a deal is solid- How to vet a syndicator- What to look for at an investment summary/financial- and more...

We encourage members to reach out to us and bring in topics and ideas on meetup topics. All ideas are welcomed.


***No solicitations are allowed***

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The Best Out-Of-State Real Estate Markets Today

WeWork 312 Arizona Ave

Many people want to buy real estate outside California, but unsure where to buy properties. In this meetup, I will talk about the most solid real estate markets outside of California. The main goal of this session is to make sure you have a good basis so you can make inform decisions regarding investing passively in real estate . During this meetup you will learn: - How to invest out-of-state - The best markets out there - What makes those markets solid markets - Why is it so important to invest there at this stage of the real estate cycle Sometimes one piece of advice is the one thing that saved you from making a costly mistake... Whether you are a seasoned passive investor or considering to become a passive investor, this session will bring you a lot of value. This meetup will allow participants to ask questions and get to know other passive investors. THIS IS AN ACTIONABLE, NO BS SESSION. The main goal is to equip you with the right knowledge of passive investing and to make you a more educated and sophisticated investor. Any sale or solicitation is not allowed. What to bring? laptop or pen and paper to take notes. Parking: street parking or nearby public parking garages Please make sure to RSVP. --Coffee and snacks will be served--- THIS IS A SOLICITATION FREE MEETUP. SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE ANY SOLICITATIONS OR PITCH DEALS.

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