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Designing an app that will revolutionize payments? The next electric bike? Scaling your company’s design team to shift into the next phase of operations? This (and our sister event Design Strategy) are the core design leadership courses you need to prepare your team for success:

Companies can no longer stand out through manufacturing strength, distribution power or information mastery. Offering a great customer experience is a new way to give companies a competitive edge over others. Design is only one part of this greater ‘CX Arena’.

In order to build a great experience, all functions that contribute to it need to be carefully aligned. Design will
need to take on different roles at different moments in the process, and continuously align with other
functions. This is the job of a design manager. He/she needs to leverage the unique capabilities of design and
accordingly take a leading or supporting role with other functions.

Expect to be able to answer the following for you, and your company:
• How to organise a great customer experience?
• How to use Design’s capabilities to their full extent
in building customer experiences?

These key takeaways will help you minimize costs and increase efficiency, immediately:
• Show understanding of the CX arena.
• Show understanding of the role of design in the business-wide field of Customer Experience.
• Show understanding of the different types of design contributing to CX.
• Show understanding of what design should do and what not in the field of CX.

Who else has attended this program? Past participants have included Design Managers, marketeers and leaders in design from: Unilever, GSK, Staples, Hasbro, Intuit, Mars, Samsonite, Honda, Roche, Sony, Kimberly-Clark, Mass Mutual.

Includes lunch and a networking break to interact with like-minded colleages from the design & marketing world here in Silicon Beach.

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Why learn with Grow?


1. Within a year after their program with Grow: 50% of graduates grew their design budgets and responsibilities, 55% were promoted, and 60% received pay raises.

2. You will expand your network: you will become professional friends with designers from different industries, different design disciplines and with different roles, learning from what they know and gaining inspiration from teh tools they use everyday.

3. You get access to industry-leading proprietary case studies and content of PARK’s 20-year work with companies such as GSK, Nivea, Roche, Lego, Novo-Nordisk, and more.

As a company:
1. Your employees are better managers: generic design management knowledge and skills are trained and made relevant to your own company.

2. Your employees are ready to lead: they will understand that leading design is different from ‘just managing it’ and have experimented with this.

3. Your employees are energised: participants that return after a Grow program are full of plans and energy to make awesome design things happen at your company.


What’s the refund policy?

A 50% refund is possible if cancellation is made by Thursday, June 7th. After the 7th, the value of the ticket may be transferred to an alternate teammember to attend in your place.

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