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Lunchbox Zen: Meditation, a Zen Koan, Lunch/Snacks
Thursday Lunchbox Meditation 12:00-12:25 - Koan Meditation 12:25-1:00 - Tea, Snacks/Lunch, Short Dharma Talk/Discussion Bring something to share or your own lunch, if you wish! There is usually ~10 people who show up, even if there is no RSVP on Meetup. Check out our website for more info or to sign-up for our once-a-week newsletter. We have lots of programs every week, as well as retreats. Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center is the Santa Rosa branch of Pacific Zen Institute, a nonprofit organization in the Rinzai Zen tradition that embraces koan practice (what is a koan? (, creativity, and real life. Our mission is to create a culture of transformation through meditation, koans, conversation, and the arts. We encourage people to take one step into freedom, and then the next, and then the next, and everything we do in PZI is directed to that end. This program, as well as all other programs at Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center are offered at no charge, but donations are gladly welcome and help a lot (we are a growing non-profit)! No experience necessary. We practice with koans. Check out these links on koans ( or meditation practice ( for more info. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ At the Pacific Zen Institute we welcome people of all backgrounds, colors, genders, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. We are committed to helping people step into freedom in their real lives, just as they are. We offer sanctuary, community, a place for self-care, and for honest conversation about how to navigate these times with freedom and humor and joy. Everyone is welcome here, no matter how you are feeling, where you come from, what you believe. Santa Rosa Creek in our backyard

Pacific Zen Institute: Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center

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