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Are you tired of trying the same old ways to feel better about your body? Find yourself frustrated that nothing you try seems to stick for you? I invite you to join me on a new kind of health adventure. One where we target what is getting in the way of you reaching your goals.

Many, if not all of us, have experienced wanting to make a change in our day to day habits that will give us more energy, vitality and a better quality of life, right? You start off with good intentions and then what the heck happens? You stop the diet, you give up the gym, everything falls apart.

As frustrating as this is, there is good news. NLP is an elegant and effective tool to revise the pesky patterning that keeps you stuck. It involves working with the subconscious, the beliefs and the patterns that are outside of your conscious awareness. NLP change work is a subtle yet quite artful and respectful modality that creates permanent and profound change.

The focus of the meetings will be using Neuro-linguistic programming exercises to create changes in your health. You will be able to personalize it for your goals – whether it is to lose weight, sleep better, workout more, or practice self-care.

As one of my teachers has said:

“If you don’t have what you want, it's not because you are broken, lazy or stupid. It’s because you have something in the way. Nothing more.” – Michelle Masters, NLP Trainer Extraordinaire

Come join the Meetup and let’s get working on what is in the way for you!

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Stop Fighting Against Yourself

3645 Montgomery Dr


Have you ever found yourself saying: “I want to eat healthy today” but then “Oh wait… there’s cake! I want that!” Notice how there are two different “parts” of you with two different perspectives. This evening we will be getting the “parts” of yourself to align and move forward to a common goal. Come prepared with an unwanted behavior you would like to stop doing but can’t seem to get a handle on it; or a new positive behavior you have been trying to do, but something stops you. When we experience the subconscious learnings that the parts actually have the same positive intention for us, we will stop fighting against ourselves. Because when we fight against ourselves, who exactly wins?? The evening will include a meditation with discussion to follow. What to bring: Bring a journal and water Seating is limited to 8 people. Folding chairs are provided and parking is right out front.

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Stepping into a Healthier YOU!

3645 Montgomery Dr


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