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Serving the interests of amateur photographers for thirty-nine years, the Santa Rosa Photographic Society offers monthly competitions and programs, and field trips, bringing local photographers together in a social and educational setting. More information can be found at www.santarosaphotographicsociety.org

Our club has an annual dues membership of $75, to defer the expenses of our rented meeting place. Use the Chip In button in the left margin to pay membership dues by credit card. Guests are welcome to attend up to three meetings free of charge to check us out.

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June 13th Photo Competition Judged by Charlie Ginsburgh (Charlie-G)

Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center

Junes Competition categories are: Creative, Nature, Pictorial and Non-Compete Charlie-G is in reality Charlie Ginsburgh, a bay area resident. His profession, prior to retirement, was as a Research Biochemist involved in the creation and support of Medical Diagnostic tests. However, since his retirement and in his spare time, he designs and creates Stained Glass panels. Since he normally gives away most of his work, he needed to generate a catalog to demonstrate his work to others; this lead him into photography. In trying to take excellent Stained Glass pictures he quickly learned four things (1) taking pictures is easy (2) taking excellent pictures is difficult (and more involved than he thought) (3) taking pictures is really rewarding (4) if he really wanted to learn how to do this, a simple point-and-shoot camera was just not going to cut it. Fast forward several years, the photography bug is still there. He has gone through several digital and DSLR cameras, several sets of lenses, several classes, and has discovered the joys of the digital darkroom. Charlie-G said that he finds that he’s attracted to capturing the normal in nature, especially in the macro world. He can be in a group of people overlooking a truly magnificent panoramic vista, and darn if he’s most-interested in the little weedy flower-thing nearly buried in the dust at his feet. Be sure to check out his stunning images at http://charlie-g.sumgmug.com/

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May 9th Competition with the Gloria Frazer

Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center

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