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Tuesday Volleyball @ 4pm, West Beach, Optional Dining or Taco Tues after
Average Weekly Turnout: 25+ Recreational & Beginner members will hold their own (3v3, 4v4) courts, while Intermediate & Advanced players hold other (2v2) courts of their own. If you're new or fairly new to the group PLEASE RSVP so that we know that you're coming. Our regular members already know the routine well and therefore they don't usually RSVP. They just show up. First to arrive, grab a court, practice on it or leave your ball inside of the court to reserve it. Post a message of your arrival and court number. Some members do arrive and start earlier, others will arrive after work and class as the afternoon progresses. Sun is presently setting at 7:45pm and we do often play until last light at approx 8:15pm. Keep in contact with any informative incoming messages from players on the Meetup mobile app or on our SBBV WhatsApp messaging group (Let me know if you wish to be added) as the kickoff time draws near. Bring your shades, adequate water, friends and guests. Arrive at will, leave at will. Free 90min parking along the beach and side streets before 6pm, and free after 6pm. So technically you should be good from 4:30pm on-wards Greg, Co-Organizer (Always feel free to contact me)

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Welcome to "Santa Barbara Beach Volleyball". We are also on " Facebook Groups ( "(Web & mobile app (, come join us there (under the same group name) to see what else we're up to within the group. Also on there, we're able to share beyond "Meetup" and also announce impromptu games for on and off-court group activities, hiking, dining, hangouts, outings and all our best pictures and albums. However our official weekly volleyball events are listed and posted here on "Meetup" only. All skill levels, ages, members and their guests are welcome. We Bump, Set and Spike! and teach beginners to play the game in its fair and proper manner. We will occasionally call you out on improper ball handling and fouls, but are put in place for your knowledge and game progression. This FUN group is open to everyone who loves volleyball and wants to make loads of new friends, socialize and network (and you will, very fast). We play multiple times a week and all year round, both on East Beach ( and West Beach ( We play 2x2, 3x3 and sometimes 4x4. Come at any time on or after the start time of the event and feel free to leave at will. We are at the courts from start time until last light (The entire day or when the last 4 players)
Our play days consist of approx 20-40 players, that are spread across many courts on any given day. (Event RSVP's do not reflect actual player turnout). We have a rotating regular player count of approx 150, and regular connected member count of approx 230 and all rapidly growing year after year. So check our schedule and calendar, I'm sure that you will find a suitable day there to come out to even relax, have some sun, fun, exercise and socialize with the greatest group of friendly members who passionately love the sport and each others company. See you there!. Feel free to contact me if desired. Greg, Co-Organizer.

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Note: We do require your Name (No Screen Names) and a CLEAR WELL LIT photo of YOURSELF ONLY, NO GROUP SHOTS for all of our membership platforms, Meetup, Facebook and WhatsApp. This will greatly help reduce name confusion and everyone can recognize you upon arrival.

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