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1 / 24 Free Sundance Film Festival Meetup: Coffee with an Entertainment Attorney
• What we'll do If you're attending the Sundance Film Festival you may want to start your day at the Java Cow Bakery. Entertainment Attorney Justin Sterling ( Wednesday, January 24, 2017 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM Java Cow Bakery + Back Seating Area 402 Main St Park City, UT 84060 · Park City, UT Justin will be addressing issues of interest to filmmakers including: • Distribution Agreement Fundamentals • Copyright Issues • Working with a Sales Agent and Hiring a Producer's Rep Justin will be answering questions about the enforceable terms filmmakers need to see in their agreements with distributors and their contracts with sales agents and producer's reps. He'll also review red flag clauses that should make you consider letting a deal go and talk about options you can use to distribute your film to cable, TV, broadcast, VOD and even theatrical buyers worldwide if you don't cut a great deal with the right distribution company. Independent film producers routinely spend years producing their projects, working with writers, actors, editors and other skilled professionals to produce projects funded by equity investors and banks. Mistakes they make at Sundance can translate into a film that never repays the investment of time and money poured into it. Justin Sterling, Principal Attorney at The Sterling Firm ( ( in Los Angeles, helps filmmakers create more profitable projects by giving them the legal advice and support they need. Feel free to contact Justin directly at (310) 498-2750 to coordinate an individual and confidential consultation. • What to bring • Important to know

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