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"Victims aren't we all."
This was one of the memorable lines delivered by Brandon Lee in the film, The Crow.
There is certainly no shortage of victims with heartbreaking stories, but somehow those with genuine cause to be heard are far too often shuffled aside by the pretenders. Of course, I know it's not up to me to decide what is of greater value, but hopefully common sense still has some merit. This weeks topic is not so much a complaint, but rather an effort to point out that things really aren't so bad for nearly everyone here in America. No doubt, there are multiple wrongs to be righted, but overall, we have it pretty good.
Is it just me that finds it annoying when you see people at the intersection with a cardboard sign pleading for money, and then they light up a cigarette and pull out their cell phone? Don't get me wrong, there is definitely poverty here. Having grown up in Appalachia, I know all about it first hand, but when I hear the endless stream of victimhood being espoused by almost everyone in the media, it does make me wonder what is going on. Being a victim has become very fashionable, and apparently profitable. The recent rise in the popularity of so-called socialism seems to have had a great impact on a growing sector of our culture. It is creating a new generation of people who believe they are entitled to virtually anything by simply existing. Little Johnny didn't get a trophy at the foot race. Clearly the coach must be a bigot, a racist, or even worse, he discriminates against short-legged people. We have another victim, folks, says tomorrows headlines with a follow-up story on how the coach has been fired and sued.
I'm not sure what the end game is in all this, but I have been around long enough to spot the difference between a real victim and a pretend one. Again, we do have problems in America, but from my perspective and the statistics, we are less racist, homophobic, and bigoted than at any point in our history. More people eat reasonably well, have better health care and economic status than in the past. Something that does seem to be declining, despite all our stuff, is the level of happiness. But that's a topic for another day.

As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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