Introduction to Big Compute in Azure - John Wang


Join John Wang as he presents an Introduction to Big Compute in Azure.

Every wondered on how SETI@Home or Folding@Home work? Are you interested in making your own private one? John will present us with a look into what is Big Compute, various forms of them, what they can do for us and then, we will start building our own in Azure using Azure Batch and/or Azure HPC Pack.

Some organizations have large-scale computing needs. You can use the Azure cloud to efficiently run compute-intensive Linux and Windows workloads, from parallel batch jobs to traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) simulations. Run your HPC and batch workloads on Azure infrastructure, with many choices from compute services and grid managers to Marketplace solutions, and vendor-hosted (SaaS) applications. Azure provides flexible solutions to distribute work and scale to meet your needs with thousands of VMs or cores and then scale down when you need fewer resources.

John Wang is a Back-end .NET Developer. Currently, his interests are IoT, big compute, services, cloud computing, Powershell and SQL topics. He is an frequent speaker at the various Code Camp, Meetup, IT Pro Camp and SQL Saturday.