What we're about

Want to learn to speak Spanish? Or practice your Spanish? Or ESL English?

We have Face-to-Face and Zoom Meetings.

We are a mixed-level group of English and Spanish speakers wanting to improve, very informal and very approachable and always welcoming new members!

And it is is FREE! (well, mostly free.)

It's a social group and not a class - just friends helping friends. (And, of course, if you are a native Spanish speaker who is willing to help us Gringos learn, well..... we really need you to join.)

We meet several times per week: in Sarasota cafés/restaurants. We also have "paid", limited attendance, tutoring sessions ($10). You will easily find Study-Buddies to meet on your own time.

We organize other activities related to Hispanic cultures, from salsa dance and Spanish-language movies to volunteer work. (There may even be some travel to Spanish-speaking countries.)

We don't have a lot of rules, but we do have a few.

Membership is free, many Meetups are Free, but some have a small fee.

1. Any Member can post an Event, but, you must attend your events write and update a description, choose the location, set the limits and cancel it if necessary.

2. RSVP Please! We strongly encourage you to RSVP (and un-rsvp). In some cases where seating is limited, it is mandatory. This is how we measure our success, and communicate with each other, and.... it is our 'appearance' to people looking to join.

3. Spend Money at the restaurants! It is difficult to find good locations and we need to be as generous with them and they are with us!

4. Not a School. Please note we are not a school (you need some basic knowledge of Spanish or English) and not all Meetups are suitable for all members.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Upcoming events (4+)

LIVE! Spanish Conversation. FREE! 9:30 am Siesta Key

Mojo Risin' Coffee Co.

FREE! Face-to-Face
Spanish Conversation Circle at outdoor tables at Siesta Key Coffee Shop.
We moved to Mojo Risin' Coffee.....
5251 Ocean Blvd, Siesta Key, FL 34242
They have a parking lot, but you enter it from rear street.

There is no fee for the event, but kindly support the coffee shop where we meet. Please RSVP to save your seat!

Hosted by Tahja, our local Sarasota performer and dancer (Tahja speaks Spanish, French, Italian, German among others) and loves to motivate us to keep in practice through fun conversations. www.Tahja.com


Online event

If you would like to join, message Steve Viscidi

The meetup will be limited to 8 participants Please contact Steve Viscidi If you would like to join.
Destinos is a popular Spanish learning program which uses a telenovela format.
It exposes us to 4 distinct accents taking place in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Puerto Rico. It was designed to cover the first 2 years of College Spanish and has 52 episodes. We will start at a basic and end at an upper intermediate level by the time we reach episode 52. The program utilizes three tempos of Spanish:
1. Narrator speaking slowly and clearly
2. Characters speaking to the camera a little faster than the narrator
3. Conversational Spanish with characters speaking to each other and a natural pace. (You are net expected to understand everything said)

You must be committed and serious.

The meet up is free and all episodes are in the public domain; however. books are available to those who choose to purchase them.
To join you do not have to be an advanced nor conversational student, but you can not be a total beginner. You must be able to form and understand basic sentences, if spoken slowly (contact Steve for interpretation).
The meetup will be conducted via Zoom
The meetup will be limited to 8 participants.
Write to Steve for more information, contact Steve to join. (You must be committed to attaining classes…. This is different from every other group we have).
Password will be sent
We want the meetup to be conversational / not instructional. Participatory vs lecture, mostly conversation.
Before each meeting, all members are expected to watch the 30-minute episode that will be discussed and do a small amount of preparation. We will be working with one episode a week.
The group will meet Mondays @7-8pm estern time, and we may go to 1.5 hours\Steve
You can watch the Destinos videos for free at:

NO POLITICS; no indirect comments. Current Politics not allowed.
Moderator reserves the right to exclude anyone making offensive remarks.

**When you register, Steve will send you a Zoom invitation**

Steve Viscidi will be leading this meet up. He is not a Spanish Teacher nor is he fluent in Spanish but he has been studying Spanish for years.

Schedule as of Jan 4, 2022 (Subject to change)
January 10, 2022 Episode 12
January 17, 2022 Episode 13
January 24, 2022 Episode 14
January 31, 2022 Episode 15
February 7, 2022 Episode 16
February 14, 2022 Episode 17
February 21, 2022 Episode 18
February 28, 2022 Episode 19
March 7, 2022 Episode 20
March 14, 2022 Episode 21
March 21, 2022 Episode 22
March 28, 2022 Episode 23
April 4, 2022 Episode 24
April 11, 2022 Episode 25
April 18, 2022 Episode 26
April 25, 2022 Episode 27
May 2, 2022 Episode 28
May 9, 2022 Episode 29
May 16, 2022 Episode 30
May 23, 2022 Episode 31
May 30, 2022 Episode 32
June 6, 2022 Episode 33
June 13, 2022 Episode 34
June 20, 2022 Episode 35
June 27, 2022 Episode 36
July 4, 2022 Episode 37
July 11, 2022 Episode 38
July 18, 2022 Episode 39
July 25, 2022 Episode 40
August 1, 2022 Episode 41
August 8, 2022 Episode 42
August 15, 2022 Episode 43
August 22, 2022 Episode 44
August 29, 2022 Episode 45
September 5, 2022 Episode 46
September 12, 2022 Episode 47
September 19, 2022 Episode 48
September 26, 2022 Episode 49
October 3, 2022 Episode 50
October 10, 2022 Episode 51
October 17, 2022 Episode 52

Club de Libros con repaso de vocabulario nuevo

Online event

Actualmente estamos leyendo “El Secreto (El Manuscrito)” de Blanco Miosi. Esta semana repasaremos capítulos Francesco y Carlota, y Lo Insospechable..

This is a Spanish Book Discussion Club for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish students. It is, however, a mixed-level group which (as we all know presents some problems.) Do your best (I find laughing at myself is quite effective) and you will be welcomed.

Note: If you are an overly-educated-Library-Type that takes Spanish literature too seriously, this group is probably not for you.

You must RSVP... (and mean it and arrive on time) ... and have read the book to date.

We do not read out loud together.
(For that approach.... try the Wednesday Intercambio)

When we meet, we discuss the substance of the story, as well as any interesting grammar, vocabulary and idioms. And we speak entirely in Spanish.

I recommend taking cheat-sheet notes page-by-page, since we discuss the book in chronological order. (This allows the slower speakers, like me, to figure out what is going on.)


Intercambio .... FREE mejorar tu Ingles (ESOL) o espanol ...

Online event

Please RSVP here at Meetup site, then....
Click this link to join Zoom Meeting


¿Eres Hispano-hablante que quiere practicar inglés, o mejorar tu Inglais?
Are you a Gringo (like me) who wants to be able to speak in whole sentences? And 'get-it-right'?

La idea aquí es que la gent ayude a la gente, gringos y latinos, cara a cara en grupos pequeños, sólo hablando. Todos hemos tenido suficiente escuela, suficiente gramática, suficiente tarea. Lo que necesitamos ahora es practicar lenta, suavemente ... con alguien que haga correcciones . ¿Si o no? Estás de acuerdo? En inglés decimos: "Get it Right". Como se dice "Get it Right" en espanol?

The idea here is people-helping-people, Gringos and Latinos, face to face in small groups, just talking. We have all had enough school, enough grammar, enough homework. What we need now, is slow, gentle, practice... with someone making corrections. Si o No? Estas de acuerdo?

Past events (2,711)

Face-to-Face Conversation with Faly; must RSVP

OLLI at Ringing College


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