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Home theater music and movie reproduction systems and music lovers - mostly middle-age men, in Sarasota and Bradenton areas - who would love music, sound, audio and home theaters. We have monthly social gatherings to review, argue and discuss all things music, components and systems.

Brief History

Jeff Cantor moved to Sarasota in 2004 from New York City. John Chait was President of the old Gulf Coast Audiophile Society, but that club disbanded. A few years ago, the Tampa Bay Listening Society became the Suncoast Audiophile Society on Meetup. In October 2009, after 4 years of searching for an audiophile society in the area, Cantor realized that if he didn't start one, there would be nothing in the Sarasota area.

Since then, many people contributed to the Sarasota Audiophile Society's success, especially the first five members: Alan Hendler, Laura and Bill Heath, plus Mike and Holly Gruenfeld! We now have over 80 members, with about 35 actively involved.

In November, 2015, Chait called a meeting to organize regular monthly meetings, a Board and move our Sarasota club to Meetup.com. The Meetup web site facilitates notices, emails, regular monthly events, locations, members, directions, classified ads, discussions, budgets and dues for social clubs. Cantor, Chait Heath and A. Colin Flood are Board members. The Board meetings are now posted on the information pages: https://www.meetup.com/SarasotaAudiophiles/...;

Annual Dues: Reimburses hosts for snacks and beverages at Meet-ups. Reimburses Organizer for cost of Meetup.com web site.

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Vinyl Voodoo - Tuesday Afternoon Music Club

Needs a location

Ronnie brings a dozen high quality records, usually 45s. We listen mostly to those, but also Jeff's records. Pretty much 2nd or 3rd Tuesday monthly. Decided to invite the rest of the club. Anybody can hold a mini-Meetup. Just let Colin, Jeff, John or Bill know you would like to host.

Jeff's system:
Ortofon Candenza Bronze cartridge
Pro-Ject Evolution 12" carbon fiber tonearm
Pro-Ject Xtension 12 turntable
Custom Vibration Isolation Platform
Custom cabinet
Acoustic treatment

VAC Signature MKII SE tube pre and Phi200 monoblock Gold Lion KT88 tube power amplifiers

Upgraded Polymer MKS-X loudspeakers:
All mechanical resonances are eliminated from crossover components both internally with damping compounds and externally with potted enclosures to protect delicate circuitry from powerful forces generated inside the cabinet.
· Pure diamond tweeter, maintains theoretically ideal pistonic motion throughout its entire pass band.
· Pure diamond midrange, like the tweeter this midrange maintains theoretically ideal pistonic motion where human hearing is most sensitive. Other cone materials bend and flex and warp at various frequencies creating colorations that are not on the recording (creating a sound of their own). The MKS-X allows you to hear exactly the signal as supplied by your electronics.
· World’s most inert cabinet construction using a combination of metal alloys to push resonances beyond the ability of instrument’s to measure them. The front baffle is machined out of a solid billet of material that is 5 times more damped and 5 times more stiff than aluminum. All ringing modes in the mid-range are eliminated.

Bass driver: two 7 inch beryllium cone woofers
MidBass: 6″ beryllium cone
Accuton Midrange: one 2.1 inch pure diamond cone
Accuton Tweeter: one 0.75 inch pure diamond
Enclosure Type Woofer: Group delay optimized vented

Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1 watt, 1m @1 kHz
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Minimum Impedance: 3.5 ohms @ 105 Hz
Minimum Amplifier Power: 80 Watts per channel
Weight: 350 pounds
Frequency Response: +/-3 dB 30 Hz – 70 kHz In Room Response

Velodyne HGS[masked] RMS class D 3,000 watt peak sub-woofer

Contact Jeff or Colin for exact address.

BYOB - no refreshments provided.

Dinner at Der Dutchman buffet, about 5:30 PM. Ronnie and Jeff say the chicken breast sandwich and peach pie are the best they have ever had.

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July Zoom Meeting!

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