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You will find this Business Networking Meetup to be very different from any of the other networking Meetups you might already be familiar with. This Meetup is FRESH with real, proven techniques to advance your business, your networking, and your skills as a Marketer or Sales Professional. It does not matter at what stage you are currently at in your career. Just beginning and not knowing how to start the selling or marketing process, or a seasoned veteran who recognizes that you never know it all! Or, perhaps you are new to business networking and have never been to a "business networking event". I have tested and proven methods to address the issues that you are having! And together, with your other partners, some of which will probably share the same challenges. We will learn those areas of concern until you are proficient, so that you can be successful with that portion of the networking process. And then on to the next part, and so on.

Another way this Network Marketing Meetup is different than the others: is that our business partners


In this Meetup you will know how to give and receive QUALITY referrals based on relationships, that way the referrals keep coming, it's not a one time deal. QUALITY Referrals are the ones with the highest conversion rate from referrals to SALES= MONEY!!

IN our Meetup, you WILL know how to properly work your referral once you get it. You will know what to do so that you can convert it to a Sale=Money!! If any of our partners are having problems with any parts of the process, like they are noticing the referrals aren't converting to sales like they once were. Or one of our partners is having trouble, with the quality of the referrals. Then we will have to take a giant step back and take look at the entire process! Usually it is "human error" , so it's easy to correct.

I have a FAVORITE event to network that you don't hear the other groups speak of or see them list on their sites. This networking event, I truly enjoy more than any other; they last anywhere from 2 days to a week or more. There are hundreds of people, excited to network, give and receive referrals, even do business with you themselves! These business owners have so many business cards, they could give 1 to each person and still have some left over. This event is called a _____________ _______________If you can answer correctly on our "Availability Schedule Call", you will win a door prize!, the availability call is a brief call I do with all new partners to find out when they are available for a regular repeating Meetup every 2 weeks. It just doesn't make any sense to schedule a Meetup without having that info. For all I know I could schedule the Meetup on a day and time that your at work! You Would NEVER BE ABLE TO ATTEND A MEETUP! That wouldn't make any sense. So you see the importance of the brief call.

Once we have the relationships down, it will naturally lead into, Relationship Based Referrals then Relationship Based Sales also Relationship Based Marketing. Anything attempted in business where there is an established relationship there is a much greater chance of success, than doing it cold!

And of course, the first part of the relationship, begins with a Fantastic and Unforgettable First Impression! After that, it is IMPERATIVE that you maintain that high level of ethical standards as well as professionalism and integrity. In addition you must provide exemplary customer service! Simply meaning, that you give the customer a positive memorable experience, therefore having a reason to return whether or not they made a purchase. That purchase is NOT necessarily a PRODUCT purchase. This could have been a purchase of YOU!! When that customer buys you, it's really the most important purchase they could have made! Because that's the purchase that starts the RELATIONSHIP! You see, on a FIRST IMPRESSION, as in an interview they are buying you!! And There is a lot that goes into that "Buying Decision". This is usually one of the beginning classes I do.

Who should join this Meetup? Anyone who enjoys networking events and building their business through referrals.

Also, anyone in sales or marketing would be an excellent person for this Meetup. Those are industries that thrive on referrals, referrals could and should be one the main sources of "New Business" for them. Customer Service and related industries would definitely receive a great benefit from attending our Meetup's. As well as people that do direct sales or prospect on the phone; that happens to be one of my specialties.

And lastly, business owners of any type would benefit from attending. Look, it doesn't cost anything to join and the business is your "BABY", wouldn't it be worth a couple of hours to gain some good solid information to enhance your business? What business couldn't use excellent customer service? Or, help your business in establishing lasting relationships with customers, employees, and vendors. Not all, but many of today's businesses lack that "freshness" and creativity in Marketing and Sales that so many of today's consumers are eager to see. We provide the hands on expertise that equips you with the latest, up to date, 21st century methods and techniques that today's consumers are so desperately seeking and need to have; it's that TRUST FACTOR! That really comes from the relationship that yields long term success. Yes, a business that you are marketing your goods and services to is your "consumer". And that business owner will welcome your fresh "new way" of professionalism, integrity, and high ethical standards! instead of the tiresome "stale" old style way of doing things.


Come and join our Meetup and let us help you with your Business Networking, Sales, Marketing or whatever skills you wish to improve upon. Networking is very fun, let us show you how to GIVE and RECEIVE quality referrals that can lead to sales! And make new RELATIONSHIPS, and have some fun at the same time!

Jose Gonzalez, Organizer

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