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ARE YOU A SASSY WOMAN who has lost her SASS?

• Do you feel tired and overwhelmed a lot?

• Do you miss all the fun things you used to do?

• Are you fed up with doing so much for others with not much left over for you?

• Do you sometimes feel like your life is passing you by?


Women wear more hats than at any other time in history. No one is going to come in and rescue us and make these changes for us, we've got to create this change and take charge of fun ourselves!


Sassy woman are smart women: You know you need to have quality connection and fun time with other women outside of all the craziness in your life. Stop missing out on zest of life and stop going through the motions and stop living in survival mode.

Invest in yourself with down time to "just" have fun & discover powerful and fun tools to amp your sass, radiance, and happiness that you can use at anytime, anywhere---to reconnect to YOU! YOUR SASSY SIDE WANTS OUT!

That’s what we do in this group: REIGNITE YOUR SASSY!


Please join us!

What you will discover and experience for yourself in this awesome group:

1. You'll have fun for fun’s sake so you can unburden yourself with other people's problems and kick up your heels--Which could improve your health, mood, and effectiveness when you go back to your responsibilities

2. Organized social, discovery, and community time with fun, supportive, non-competitive like-minded women

3. You'll explore engaging activities and outings for adventure and growth personally and professionally

4. Get your hands on Secret Practices to Release stress and rekindle your unique gifts and expressions

5. Experience being appreciated for WHO you are, not what you can do for others

6. Learn how to stay centered and sassy, no matter what is trying to pull you off center---work, relationships, family, friends, etc.

7. Discover powerful tools to increase your radiance, creativity, connection, happiness, and magnetism in love, money, and your purpose

8. More enjoyment of your life, new high-quality friends, and more happiness---which effects every part of your life!


Don't let another week of your precious life go by not experiencing the fun of your inner sass!


For additional information on:

• The 4 Pillars of how to get your Sassy back click here
(This is the "heart" & "vision" of how our group is structured)

• Group Shared Agreements and Policies click here

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