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What we’re about

The NYC Satanists/LHP Discussion Group, also known as New York City Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and "Left Hand Path" Occultists, is one of only a very few Satanist/LHP groups in the entire world that hold regular meetings open to the general public.  We are the oldest such group (founded in 2003) and the easiest way to meet Satanists, LHPers, etc. in NYC.

We hold open discussion meetings and informal social gatherings in Manhattan.  We welcome Satanists, Luciferians, "dark" Pagans, and "Left Hand Path" occultists of all law-abiding kinds, theistic or nontheistic.  We also welcome open-minded people interested in learning about the various forms of Satanism, Luciferianism, "Dark" Paganism, and "Left Hand Path" occultism.

Our founder, Diane Vera, is a non-LaVeyan theistic ("traditional") Satanist.  She has a website on theistic Satanism, including a page for theistic Satanists in or near New York City, and aims also to build a New York City proto-congregation of the Church of Azazel.  However, this Meetup group (NYC Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and LHP Occultists) is NOT just for prospective Church of Azazel members, and not just for theistic Satanists, but aims to welcome all kinds of Satanists, Luciferians, dark Pagans, and Left Hand Path occultists on an equal basis. (See What is Satanism? for the most general definition of "Satanism.")

Our calendar page lists not only our own meetings, but also some other events not sponsored by this group per se but organized by regularly-attending members of our group.  (In the past, such events have included music concerts by one of our members -- see our page To musicians, artists, writers, etc..)

At some point we may begin (again) holding private meetings (as we did briefly in summer 2009 and winter/spring 2010) as well as open meetings.  To become eligible to be considered for full active membership and thus be welcome at private meetings, a person must either (1) attend (and RSVP for) three of our open meetings or (2) be recommended by at least two of our members who have gotten to know the person outside of meetings.

Note that active membership, as defined above, is not the same thing as membership in this Meetup group.  Anyone may join this Meetup group.  All who wish to attend our open meetings should join this Meetup group and RSVP for the meetings.

Please note:  The "Latest activity" feed on the front page of this Meetup site is set up not to display member joins, member greetings, or  RSVP's.  However, member profiles are displayed in the Members area of this Meetup site.  If you want other members to contact you via Meetup, please fill out your profile, which will move automatically to the top of the list every time you visit this Meetup site.  If you want to participate in this Meetup group in a manner that will appear on the front page, not just on the Menbers page or on the pages of events that you RSVP for, please participate in discussions on our message board.

Please note also:  This group is not a dating service.  When writing your member profile, please refrain from making it sound like a personal ad.  However, if one of your aims here is to find a potential spouse, life partner, lover, or playmate, you are welcome to post a G-rated personal ad in the Services for our members -- ads, announcements, and recommendations section of our message board.

Our message board has the following sections:

  • Announcements:  News about this group. Originating posts by organizer and assistants only. Others may respond.
  • About this group and how we run it:  Discussion about our group itself and its purposes, policies, venues, etc. The place to voice your gripes about how we run things, or make suggestions.
  • About Satanism, Luciferianism, "dark" Paganism, and "Left Hand Path" occultism:  Discussion by adherents and prospective adherents only. Others, please use the "Interfaith discussion" or "Grand conspiracy claims" forums. Also, social, ethical, and political issues belong in "Satanisms and society," not here.
  • Satanisms and society:  For discussion by Satanists, Luciferians, etc. about how we relate to the larger society, including both Satanist public relations and how some of us would like the larger world to change.
  • Rituals, poetry, etc.:  Share your creative work (with copyright or other licensing notice) or point us to others' work (without violating their copyright, please)
  • Services for our members -- ads, announcements, and recommendations:  Satanist-oriented businesses, books on Satanism and the occult, places to buy black candles, announcements from non-affiliated groups, personal ads, apartment shares, etc. (Keep it G-rated, please. Meetup is not an "adult" site.)
  • Satanists in Africa:  For the many Africans who have joined us lately, even though we're in the U.S.A. Introduce yourself here, tell us which country you live in, and perhaps find others from your own country. Also, share info on African witchhunts.
  • Other non-New Yorkers:  For other Satanists, Luciferians, etc. from around the world. Introduce yourself here and tell us approximately where you live. Who knows, you might meet a neighbor here.
  • "Interfaith" discussion:  For questions and comments by people who are not Satanists, Luciferians, "dark" Pagans, or LHP occultists. Keep it rational and civil, please. No aggressive proselytizing and no personal insults.
  • Grand conspiracy claims:  For any and all discussion about "conspiracy theories" involving Satanists, Pagans, occultists, and/or "the Illuminati." (Note: the founder is a strong skeptic of such claims.
  • Early history of this group<:  Stuff from 2004 to 2007, before we got fully off the ground as an in-person group. The oldest still-existing public online forum for Satanists in New York City. Also, discussion about our early history.
  • Miscellaneous:  For discussions that don't belong anywhere else

Lately we've had a lot of non-New Yorkers joining this Meetup group, especially people from Africa.  Non-New Yorkers who join us are advised to post in either of the following two sections of our message board, as appropriate:  Satanists in Africa or Other non-New Yorkers.  If you want to be contacted by other people from your locale, it is recommended that the title of your thread include the country and state/province you live in.

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