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Couples Massage Workshop
Start your Friday date night off right with a Couples Massage Workshop! Connect intimately with your partner with the magic powers of touch. You will learn proper body mechanics so that you do not hurt yourself or fatigue quickly. You will learn how to communicate affectively during a massage so as to assist your partner in fully giving to you. You and your partner will walk away with a 30 min sequence that you can use or create your own with the massage strokes you learn. Overview of night: - Wine + Light snacks and mingle with other couples - Ground and connect with your partners energy - Observe a demo of a 30 min sequence - Give to your partner for 30 mins while facilitators assist and guide you - Receive from your partner for 30 mins For Tickets: Early Bird Price ends Friday 11/16! Facilitators: Carolyn Smyth of Carolyn Healings, is a self-care advocate, an empath, and an intuitive healer. She encourages everyone around her to find their light within. She takes pride in her own chronic pain self-healing journey to empower those that come to her care to find their healer within. She is a practitioner of massage, Reiki II, chakra balancing, and wellness. David Martinez is a Massage Therapist and health educator. The love for dance has made him passionate about the human body. As an empathetic himself, he enjoys collaborating and encouraging people to find ways to enhance their lives with their passions. He fully believes in the motto, “If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you”.

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344 20th St. · Oakland, CA

What we're about

It's through relationship with ourselves and with community that healthy partnerships are sustained. Couples can learn a lot from each other!

This group is for people interested in developing skills for healthier relationships-- with self, partners, and community. All levels of romantic relationship are welcome-- single, partnered or anywhere in between. This group was started out of a passion for building community that supports happy partnerships. We look forward to learning from you, supporting you individually, and fostering our groups to do the same!

We will go on wilderness adventures, gather in community and explore what makes relationships thrive.

About your organizer, Sarah Lila Oswald:

I’ve been in love with the group experience for as long as I can remember. Always part of teams, ensembles, casts and cohorts. Studying acting, dance and gymnastics as a young girl. Performing in musical theater off-off-Broadway through high school. Working as a stage director, designer and technician for 10 years. There is a great joy in being a member that belongs. It’s a sweetness that cannot quite be compared.

I am also deeply familiar with the pain that bonded groups can cycle through-- in larger circles and in also in pairs. I am committed to helping relationships be satisfying and fulfilling-- and avoiding pain when possible.

I’m guessing that part of why you’re here is you're yearning to have more meaningful connections.

I am in the business of INTIMACY. Intimacy, when I use this word, does not imply sex— not even romance. It means profound connection, often including joy.

I work with intimacy in three facets: with self, within community, and within partnerships.

I offer, Relationship coaching for couples, Wedding Officiating, an annual Couples Canoe Trip in Utah’s Labyrinth Canyon (next: May, 2019)

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