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How ya doin'? We do Historical Table Top Wargaming in 1/56th ( 28mm ). Also RPG's and 40K .Some board games such as Descent and Small World .

We use , Tractics , Warhammer Historical , Warhammer Pirates , Black Powder , and others .

RPG is mainly stumbling at the moment , but C of C rears its head occasionally and Traveller is being scented as is the original BattleTech . Occasional one offs .

"Members" who do not attend will be dropped from the rolls .

If you are interested in seeing who we are and what we do drop in on a scheduled Saturday , just walk up to the rear basement door and knock . Really! If you do not stop by you'll never come in . If the lights are on we are killing things .

I do not email back and forth to woo new players . If you are interested , stop by . Roles cleansed every few months . This ain't LinkedIn or a popularity contest . If you want to play then come and play . If you are weird and just like to sign up for things without follow thru then do not be put out when you are removed from the roles .

Meet every Saturday from 6:30 tll... Open to all with true interest. email djinnwind@msn.com

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