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This group is for people within the ages of 27 to 31, and 56 to 60.

I started this group to build a support system for individuals going through their Saturn's Return. This is a significant time in life when our purpose begins to voice itself. Although this group is not astrologically focused we do recognize the transformation that this time in life brings up within each of us.

Saturn takes 29.5 years to complete its orbit around the sun and its effect of bringing purpose into focus can begin as early as 26 for our first Saturn's Return and 55 for our second. Astrologically Saturn rules our purpose but because all of our charts differ dramatically we will primarily be focusing one how we as individuals are transitioning through this time period. It can be a very tumultuous time for many. Most people will be facing big decisions during this time on how to proceed in their lives. Everyone will experience this time differently and this group is being built to allow each member the space to experience it as they need to experience it.

Each gathering begins with a few minutes where MartinJon will present the topic followed by an opportunity, for those inclined, to add thoughts on the topic in general.

Being aware of the questions that are coming up within us and sharing them is important thoughout our lives of course but during this stage so much is happening just under the surface and it may take sharing those ideas a few times before the solidify. As a supportive group we will intend to meet you wherever you, bring your anger, sadness or joy, Saturn doesn't care and neither do we.

Hosted by MartinJon, a writer, artist, thought leader and facilitator.

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Unwrap Your Purpose

Equilibrium Energy and Education

Unwrap Your Purpose

Equilibrium Energy and Education


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