What we're about


Savannah Costuming Academy is a non-profit organization that focuses on building the community of experienced costumers, cosplayers, and thespians who share our experience and knowledge with the members of our group. We are based out of Savannah Georgia, and operate similar to a costuming and cosplay school. Each of our senior members has many years of experience when it comes to fabricating clothing and costumes, from simple stitched garments to hard formed amour pieces and props. Through events and workshops we attend or host, we share these skills and experiences with people willing to learn how to make better costumes in a safe and fun environment.


An entry point no matter your skill level. Beginners can learn the basics of costume construction from basic sewing to basic foamwork, etc. Advanced members can learn techniques ranging from basic patterning, to working with more difficult fabrics, to weathering techniques and more. Well-experienced members can learn techniques from advanced sewing, to advanced patterning, to advanced armor skills, etc. All members are trained at our hosted workshops where we help attendees build and complete entire costume pieces by offering demonstrations on techniques and personal assistance when needed.

In addition to costuming skills, our members are trained in marketing skills to run our booth at our many events to ensure consistent communication to prospective members. We also have a dedicated space to run all of our workshops and store basic supplies. At our workshops, you can leave the mess at home and save money by using some of the many tools and supplies we keep in stock such as sewing machines, dremels, thread, paints, adhesives, power tools, and other common items that our members are able to use without having to add to the expense of their costumes.


When you join with Savannah Costuming Academy you are not connecting with just a single person, but an entire group of different experiences and backgrounds; all of whom are willing and able to share with you everything you need to become a successful costumer. Show off your work at Movie Premieres, Celebration Days, and more events! Save money, help pass along your knowledge, and be part of a community of like minded people. We pride ourselves on our level of commitment to providing quality knowledge in a fun and dynamic way!

Upcoming events (5+)

Action Spandex: Boot Tops Workshop

Wesley Oak United Methodist Church

Boot covers will be made at this workshop. There is no cost for the workshop, and lunch will be provided.

Action Spandex: Bodysuit Tops

Wesley Oak United Methodist Church

Bodysuit tops will be made at this workshop. There os no cost for the workshop, and lunch will be provided.

Action Spandex: Bodysuit Bottoms

Wesley Oak United Methodist Church

Bodysuit bottoms will be made at this workshop. As always, the workshop is free, and lunch will be provided.

Marketing and Communications Workshop

Wesley Oak United Methodist Church

Another chance to come to our Marketing and Communications Workshop. This workshop will train all members who attend how to effectively market the Academy to prospective members at events, as well as how to communicate our methods and aspirations to others both in person and online. Attendance of this workshop is MANDATORY for participation in all costumed events for this course, including the Marvel vs. DC Celebration Day.

Past events (63)

Action Spandex: Capes Workshop

Wesley Oak United Methodist Church

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