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The Savannah Hash House Harriers (SavH3 as we are also known, for short) is a social "drinking club with a running problem" - or, more specifically, a local "kennel" that is part of an international group of noncompetitive running clubs that place a focus on fun (beer) more so than competition. We enjoy drinking beer before, during, and after our runs, and often gather afterwards to eat and possibly imbibe some more tasty beverages. Like I said, we are a "drinking club with a running problem"

Our goal is simple: get some exercise, drink some beer, give each other a hard time, and bitch about stuff with four-letter words. It is best to arrive with a thick skin, be comfortable with yourself and others, and to not be critical of others. Our members comes from all of walks of life and varying fitness levels, but one key feature is our age. We do not accept anyone under the age of 21. While everyone is welcome and we like seeing new faces (especially if they fit in and decide to stick around for a while), not everyone is cut out for it.

We run on uncut trails, through the woods, creeks, swamps, and fields of Savannah and occasionally hit the pavement. A "hash" is modeled after an old-fashioned British paper chase. One hasher, designated as a “hare,” marks out a trail using chalk or flour (but they may use other means, as long as it does not damage the environment), usually setting false trails and obstacles along the way. Fellow hashers, known as the “pack,” follow the hare’s trail, which traditionally leads to beer.

There are many variations on this theme, from urban hashes that are essentially running (or stumbling) pub crawls, to rural hashes that more closely resemble orienteering. The amount of pavement, woods, swamps, or creeks that we see all depends on who is laying trail for that given week. Our motto is "No Blood, No Trail", so you can often find us laying trail through woods and rural areas.

If you decided to check us out, we only ask that like I said earlier, you have a thick skin, are mindful of yourself and others, and don't be critical of others. We also ask that you be yourself (no one enjoys a fake), bring your running shoes, a dry change of clothes, your thirst for beer, and a sense of humor.

We meet every Saturday, and one Thursday, every month at generally the same time. Location will change depending on who is haring. We don't charge you anything for your first (Virgin) time, but if you choose to come back, it is $5 or $7, depending if you drink beer or cider. If you have any questions, you can message us on here, and for more info on SavH3, visit our website at

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