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SIGN THE PETITION: https://www.change.org/SaveShelleyLake ... Save Shelley Lake park from proposed commercial development that could turn the lake side setting into a commercial complex with dense four story tall condos! Join us for prayer walks and visits to the Eagle nesting site, keep up to date on how to prevent overdevelopment, preserving the surrounding natural setting for unique wildlife and the enjoyment of our growing population. Pictured is the southeast corner of the park bordering North Hills and Millbrook next to the soccer field, where the development has been proposed adjacent to the park, with only vague notices of "Z-41-19." The condo image is only an example to illustrate the scale of three stories over garages. (Visit "Photos" to see the actual plot map.) Current zoning is R-4 & R-6 typical for the area, while developers propose 15 homes/acre condensed into two main buildingings with potentially 4,000 square feet of commercial space, with some recent concessions for tree preservation at the park edge in addtion to the 20 feet of bordering Spring Garden complex plus the unbuildable parcel south of Millbrook. [Jan 7 - I have just learned that a layer of pine trees by the soccer field rests on park property; in person, you can see a boundary fence to see how thick/narrow it is.] Please go to "More - Message Board" for links to proposal, petition draft and discussion. Also view photo albums for helpful illustrations of parcels, planning, etc. Your voice is essential!

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