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Are you a game or Unity developer? Are you in the emerging VR/AR medical industry? Are you looking for a VR/AR training system? Are you looking for the most robust tracking system for your location based enertainment? Would you like to learn more about VR, motion tracking, or the emmersive enertainment industry?

PhaseSpace Motion Capture is holding a VR Meetup & Mixer at Digital Garage at 717 Market St. in San Francisco on Wednesday April 25th powered by the amazing Impulse X2 motion capture system and you are invited!

PhaseSpace will be showing off our state-of-the-art tracking system along with the awesome new game Black Badge developed by Motion Technologies in Korea, one of the first arcade games to utilize IMUs, In-side out tracking from a Leap Motion device, and Out-side in tracking from the Phasespace Impulse X2 system. The key to winning is teamwork and communication. In this experience coordination between players is more important than the ‘spray and pray’ rapid fire methed with players strategically timing their actions to concentrate fire power on the Mech bosses as well as flying bots and androids.

PhaseSpace produces the fastest and highest resolution motion tracking system on the market today. At 960fps, a sub-millimeter accuracy, and less than 3 milliseconds of latency, no other tracking system can even come close to providing the speed, refresh rate, resolution that PhaseSpace can. Together with an IMU, we give you six of degrees freedom!

Food and drinks will be made avalible, of course!

Come save the starbase and see why Motion Tech, Disney, StarVR, and Bandai Namco chose the PhaseSpace Impule X2 tracking system to deploy with their location based enertainment for robust and accurate data.

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