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It often takes just a tiny moment to see how wonderful life is! We use to think that these moments are too few and that we have to do something or rather quite a lot to earn them! But we don't have to do anything except see, listen and enjoy. Well, maybe also smell, as Ellen DeGeneres claims in her book "Seriously ... I'm Kidding". As Ariel and Shya Kane put it: we all need vitamine "See". Inspired by transformational approach developed by Kanes, we would like to bring people together and exchange our stories, our experiences in discovering life and people around us. We don't know where this journey will take us. Even literally, we might well meet outside Aalborg as well :) . We will just see how it goes and just look forward to meet wonderful and inspiring people, because we all are those people, although we don't quite admit it, especially not to ourselves. Join us, if you are interested in discovering yourself and others, discovering incredible ways our minds function and in having a heartily laugh about how seriously we take our lives.

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Gamification Lunch

Okaeri Cafe

No Thinking Necessary

Café Ulla Terkelsen London

Let's discover what it means to say Yes to our lives

International House North Denmark / European Youth Northern Denmark

Life Can be Perfect, Whatever Circumstances

International House North Denmark / European Youth Northern Denmark

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