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Swiftwater Canyoneering Course (3-days) Kern River, CA
This is the only curriculum of its kind being taught in America, AND includes camping, handouts, a Certificate of Completion, AND a descent of 7 Teacups Canyon on Sunday! **(n.b.: Tuition for this 3-full-day course is $595. You must provide your own transportation to and from the location; and you can either camp with us or you can get your own camping/lodging; you must provide your own PPE including your standard canyoneering gear (harness, helmet, hardware, etc), AND a full wetsuit (4/3 preferred) and a Type 3 PFD. Uber Adventures will provide the ropes and all training equipment.)** Canyons with strong current, water volume and hydraulics pose dangers that dry canyons (Class 'A') and low-flow, or standing-water canyons (Class 'B') do not. This course provides skills, knowledge and experiential training FOR exactly that type of environment, IN exactly that type of environment. We've taken the relevant skills from a Swiftwater Rescue Course and combined them with the relevant skills for Canyoneering in Class 'C' canyons and have produced this hybrid Swiftwater Canyoneering Course! This course will be challenging ... and empowering! Prerequisites: This course cannot be your first foray into the sport of canyoneering. The skills and methods in this course are a supplement to previous training. You MUST have taken a previous Uber Adventures Canyoneering Course, or a thorough series of other APPROVED courses, or, have SIGNIFICANT canyoneering experience! IN ADDITION to the above technical requirements, you MUST BE A STRONG SWIMMER! This course does not teach you how to swim. Skills, Techniques, Topics covered include: • Rope Management in Deep or Swiftwater • Anchor Access and Challenges • Belays & Rappel Methods, Air Pockets • Specific Gear, Handling & Utility • Tensioned Diagonals, Guided Rappels, Tyrolean Traverses • Potholes, Deviations, Re-Belays, Lowers & Hauls • Slides & Jumps, Surface Tension, River Crossings • Hydrology: Holes, Rapids, Laminars, Eddies • Defensive/Aggressive Swimming, Ferry Angles • Strainers, Sieves, Entrapments • Rescue: Towed Victim, Live Bait, Throw Bags/Rope • Communication, Safety, CFS, LNT • Hypothermia, Submersion, Water Quality Instructors: In Addition to Klaus Gerhart (and maybe Jason), Uber Adventures is bringing in a dynamic Swiftwater Rescue Instructor for his 15 years of experience and expertise! Klaus Gerhart: ACE (Association for Canyoneering Education) Master Instructor/Certified Guide, Certified Tactical Rappel Master, Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Technical Rope Rescue Technician, Map & Compass Navigation Instructor, trained whitewater rafting guide, former basic mountaineering instructor for Sierra Club's Wilderness Travel Course, and a Master Educator for Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.

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