Sergei Winitzki, Declarative concurrent programming with Join Calculus

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Sergei Winitzki, Declarative concurrent programming with Join Calculus


Abstract: I give an introduction to Join calculus, a declarative formalism for concurrent programming. Join Calculus is a development of Pi-calculus that is higher-level and easier to use in practice. Join Calculus radically improves upon well-known concurrency paradigms such as Actors or CSP. I explain how Join Calculus emerges if we want to improve the Actor model by making actors type-safe, stateless, and automatically managed. I am developing `Chymyst`, a new open-source implementation of Join Calculus as an embedded DSL in Scala. I show concise and fully declarative Chymyst solutions for classic concurrency problems such as the "dining philosophers" or recursive "fork/join".

Short Bio

Sergei Winitzki is a theoretical physicist turned software engineer, passionate for functional programming, functional type theory, and declarative domain-specific languages.


• 6:30-7:00 - networking (pizza, beer)
• 7:00-7:10 - announcements etc.
• 7:10-8:00 - talk
• 8:00-8:30 - more networking

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