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Scala Central #20
We are excited to return back to ITV for our 20th Scala Central! The event will take place in different offices to last time in their brand new space in Holborn! We have some brilliant talks lined up from Carlos Teixeira from the Core Scala team at ITV talking about application monitoring and metric collection for Scala and Xiayun Sun from Disney Streaming Services on building a Neural Network from scratch in Scala. We will also have the final talk details confirmed soon! The format will be as follows; 6:30 pm: Doors Open 7:00 pm: Talk 1 - Carlos Teixeira - ITV Title: Application monitoring and metric collection for Scala More often than we would care to admit, we've been stuck looking through endless lines of logs, code, documentation, stackoverflow posts, ... trying to find the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of some row in our database , or why some service always seems to fail for no apparent reason the first Tuesday of each month.. Unfortunately for us, the answer isn't always obvious and usually requires an analysis of multiple services and how they interact with each other. In this case, for instance, maybe a monthly report is generated on the first Tuesday of each month which makes way to many requests to our service causing our db connection pool to throw random errors and, as a consequence, random fails occur when inserting values in our database ; funny enough, during the entire time, logs were being produced with the exact error but we just weren't able to see them in the middle of all the noise.. In this talk we'll look into how we can integrate and use Kamon to give us a better view of what's going on in our applications and how they interact with each other. We'll look into how to measure cpu usage, query times, individual endpoints performance, custom metrics as well as how to add distributed tracing to our applications so that we can now how they work and how they interact with each other. 7:20 pm: Talk 2 - Xiayun Sun - Disney Streaming Services Title: Neural Network from scratch in Scala We will build a feed forward neural network in Scala and train it with back propagation + gradient descent. If time permits we may discuss about FP patterns in deep learning. Application monitoring and metric collection for Scala 7:40 pm: Talk 3 - Bruno Bonanno Title: "mockito-scala" Mockito-Scala started as just a way to reuse the boilerplate usually needed to overcome the Scala-Java interoperability issues that we can find in some parts of the Mockito API, but in short time, it grew up to a tool that, using the power of the Scala language, not only provides a much nicer API to the user, but also overcomes some long-standing limitations of the library that couldn’t be address with Java. In this talk we’ll mix an overview of its main features with the language tools that enabled them. 8:00 pm: Food and Drinks 9:00 pm: Pub! Looking forward to seeing you there! Cheers, Alice

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