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For every Scala enthusiast of Romandie. We'll try to meet every month for Scala related talks and discussions in Geneva and Lausanne. Hope to see you soon!

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Presentation of the "Endpoints" open source

Romande Energie

Talk from Julien Richard-Foy: Distributed systems (e.g., microservices, web apps, or web services) promise more flexibility to developers because each node is loosely coupled with each other. Indeed, each node evolves on its own and is free to use its own technology stack (e.g., JavaScript, Python, JVM, etc.). However, I argue that this loose coupling also introduces more maintenance burden, which negatively impacts the developers productivity. Typically, when a server is modified to require a new request parameter, the clients and the documentation may not automatically catch up on that change. This results in additional work on the client and the documentation to carry that change forward, or, even worse, in a failure at run-time if developers didn’t notice that they introduced an incompatible change. To address this problem, I’ve created the [endpoints](http://julienrf.github.io/endpoints) library. It introduces just enough coupling between servers, clients, ​and documentation such that they are automatically consistent regarding the communication protocol, while keeping the flexibility of using different technology stacks on servers and clients. In this talk, I will show a demo of *endpoints*, explain the design decisions I’ve made, and compare the library with other approaches.

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