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Come and meet other people interested in the Scala programming language in the Stockholm area.

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The event is arranged by Commercetools and will take place online via GoToWebinar. If you want to attend, register at https://ok.commercetools.com/virtual-scala-meetup-vol.2 Agenda 19:00 - 19:30: "Multi-Tenancy at Scale" by Sahil Anand, commercetools 19:30 - 19:45: Q&A 19:45 - 20:45: "Using Aspects to transform your codes with ZIO Environment" by Adam Fraser 20:45 - 21:00: Q&A Sahil Anand – "Multi-Tenancy at Scale" Building a SaaS architecture to cater thousands of tenants is a challenging task ranging from designing, building, partitioning and maintaining the platform. In this small lightning talk, we will discuss factoring multi-tenant architecture into SaaS solutions, the downsides, its benefits to scale at commercetools. We will also discuss how to navigate a tenant in this architecture as well as being performant and fair for each tenant. The end goal is to see the benefits of having multi-tenancy and a sneak peek into its design and code. Adam Fraser – "Using Aspects to transform your codes with ZIO Environment" ZIO’s environment type and ZLayer have enabled a new way of using aspects to transform how code is executed. This capability has been used to great effect in libraries like ZIO Test and Caliban to provide incredible power to users with extremely clean ergonomics. However, the concept behind this use of aspects has not been discussed before. In this talk, Adam Fraser, one of the core contributors to ZIO and the author of ZIO Test, will describe how aspects can be used to transform any piece of code written with ZIO, show some of the power this gives us, and preview some of the things we can potentially expect in the future with this technique. Learn how you can use aspects to give yourself and your users super powers with the code you write!

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