Stress test your backend with Gatling

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Stress test your backend with Gatling by Andrzej Ludwikowski

Performance tests are a tough topic, especially nowadays with micro services architectures, clusters and very complex systems.

In the first part of the presentation, I would like to address the most common problems and errors in this area. Share my experiences often gained by frustrating failures and demanding experiments.

After this lovely introduction, I will show you

• why it's worth to spend some time and learn a new tool for integrating and performance test such as Gatling?

• under what circumstances it will be extremely useful to have it in your toolbox?

• what are Gatling cons and what kind of problems can you expect?

Andrzej Ludwikowski

Miller at SoftwareMill. A devotee of DDD, Event Sourcing and Polyglot Persistence. Continuously chasing the dream of a perfect software architecture, fulfilling all of the requirements and trends, even the strangest ones.

After the talk, as usual, networking with food in some place around the venue.