ScalaWAW #14 - Functional Programming

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Hello everyone!

We would like to invite you to another fascinating journey into the world of functional programming!

This time we have two wonderful speakers:

1. Mateusz Kubuszok: "Explaining functional programming like Richard Feynman"

So you know some FP, you studied mathematics, and discovered that it changed your life for the better? You would like to evangelize a bit, but people told you that everything you say sound hard? Great! Well, not great, actually - it sucks. But maybe it doesn't have to, so let's discuss how Nobel-prize winner Richard Feynman approached difficult and complicated topics to make them sound easy, understandable, and actually enjoyable.

2. Piotr Paradziński: Big picture of Category Theory with deep dive into Contravariant functors and Profunctors

1) The big picture of abstractions from Category Theory (Functor, Applicative, Monad are only one small branch of a very big tree)

• how to learn them by re-implementing the wheel

• where to find undiscovered yet abstractions

• and contribute them to Cats/Scalaz (my experiences with contributing to Scalaz and Cats)

2) Add to your Category Theory abstraction toolkit:

• Contravariant functor - ability to reason about input or "think backward"

• explore contravariant functors with more structure: Divide, Divisible

• Profunctor - the ability to reason about input and output

• explore profunctors with an additional structure including Strong Profunctor (my Scalaz PR and Cats PR with laws)


18-18:30 - first talk

18:30 - 19 - break

19-19:30 - second talk

19:30 - socializing!

Meetup will take place at Znajomi Znajomych (, beer and snacks are provided.

Scalac is a sponsor of the whole event.

We hope to see you there!