ScalaWAW #17

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Let's meet for another ScalaWAW meetup!

We'll be meeting in Adform office for two great presentation! As always food and drinks will be provided!

Presentation #1
Distage[1], ZIO, Http4s

In this live-coding session, Kai will build and test a simple API with distage, ZIO and http4s, you'll learn that developing purely-functional, asynchronous and error-safe applications can be surprisingly fast, easy and fun.

About the speaker:
Kai is a software engineer at, busy helping clients and maintaining 7mind, ZIO and Typelevel open source projects. Kai worked in Haskell then switched to Scala and fell in love with its modular features, pragmatism and absolute power. Kai will unashamedly proselytise modularity and (immutable) OO among FP developers.


Presentation #2
Going cloud-native with Scala

JVM has a bad rep amongst the members of cloud-native crowd for a very good reason: it's sluggish, heavy and resource-hungry. GraalVM turns this upside down with the possibility of compiling down JVM apps down to native code. I will show you why Scala, especially in the pure functional taste, is the language best suited to benefit from this transformation, how to perform it and how to get results quickly.

About the speaker:
Polyglot full-stack developer currently employing his enthusiasm for functional programming and quality coding at VirtusLab. Permanent learner with severe information dependency problem. Enjoys conversations about philosophy and all things related to mind's inner workings. Loves mountains and hiking.

We'll have a small afteparty after the presentation so please reserve some additional time :) We'll chill with some good drinks, sushi and conversations about programming!