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This group promotes ScalarPrana Therapy in Manila. ScalarPrana Therapy is a healing modality that uses the power-packed combination of two universal energies—Scalar and Prana.

Scalar energy is the underlying energy of creation that humans harnessed and absorbed from the Zero-Point Energy Field or the Matrix. It is a higher form of energy that gives power, coherence, structure and direction to prana, which originates from the sun and other elements of the natural world.

While Scalar energy is absorbed by the Scalar Energy Zones (S-zones), Prana is absorbed by the body’s energy centers called the chakras.

Tapping into Scalar energy can help you live a happier, fuller, and better life. In fact, cultivating this energy on a daily basis can keep your energy level up with the will to take on the stresses and challenges of everyday living.

For those who have physical ailments or psychological concerns, practicing Scalar energy cultivation can facilitate and accelerate healing. When modern medicine seems to be failing you, scalar energy cultivation may be all you need to jumpstart the healing process.

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