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This is a meetup group for all current & aspiring leaders, agilists interested in learning about SAFe and interested in networking. If you are looking for discussing and addressing team level improvements, product level improvements or enterprise scale challenges, this group is for you. My goal is to increase awareness and adoption of SAFe . I am an experienced pragmatic Agile Coach and certified in several areas and have worked with different levels of people, from teams to VP level staff and in different cultures. I would like to expand my network, offer my services to more clients, offer something back to the community as well. This group is more suitable if you work in mid-senior or senior-executive levels.

Fun, wit, humour is all allowed in this group ! As I get pretty tired of serious discussions myself very quickly :-) If you are super social that would be a bonus!

If you are not London based let that not discourage you from joining. PM me for options.

Volunteers welcome !

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