• Learn Agile : Lean Coffee - meetup night - Milnes Bar (Edin)
    LEARN Agile the fun way. With Lean Coffee... The democratic approach. This time with beer. Main topic will be centred around Lean Agile Scotland, what did we learn and what will we use. Come along and chew the fat on all things agile over a few refreshments with some great folk in the Kremlin Room. Matt Evans Has organised this event... Thanks, Matt. He says.. "As if your Thursday could get better. You’ll be with like-minded folk, a couple of nice refreshing beverages and talking all things learned and liked from Lean Agile Scotland and all of a sudden you feel a bit peckish. We’ll worry no more as a buffet of the highest order will be provided making a good Thursday in to a superb Thursday. See you soon!"

    Milnes Bar

    35 Hanover Street · Edinburgh

  • Active Agile : Learn Agile through team games at the Pru! (Edinburgh)
    Hello, Scotland Scaled Agile and DevOps group will be in Edinburgh in September at the Prudential's great new offices in the Gyle. Come to have some drinks, a pizza and learn some Agile ideas by doing things. We will have some fun and learn easy ways to learn Agile, Design, Flow, Diversity and play some short team games and rotate around the room. Choose what you do and who you do it with and have fun meeting new people. We call it: speed learning!

    This Meetup is past

    Prudential UK ( Edinburgh)

    60 South Gyle Crescent. · Edinburgh

  • Alistair Cockburn - Guest Speaker
    This is a free event as part of the meet-ups commitment to attracting great speakers to the community in Edinburgh. > Alistair Cockburn is a great writer, supporter, executive leader and speaker on Agile and the Agile movement since the start. He was an original delegate at the drafting and signing of the Agile Manifesto (I have seen the pictures) and Alistair did much work evolving the community as it is today. If you are my generation you will have his early books and if you are younger than me you need to urge him to write another. He is an awesome speaker and great authority on the heart of Agile. So come and hear a story from one of the founders of Agile about what it is to him and what is important. After all, it's our stories that bind our community together in our search for finding better ways of creating software. And we grow stronger by telling each other our great stories. Agenda - Networking, refreshments and drinks 17.30 - 6pm-7pm Alistair will speak and take questions (then he has to leave) - 7pm-8pm Informal Discussion themes in Alistair's talk - After-8pm we can migrate to Indigo Yard for more beer and discussion Fun night lets get the word out, please tell others about it. We can look to set up a creche/kids zone area if you have family commitments to balance like we do (Alba will be there).

    This Meetup is past

    Lorien - Edinburgh Hub

    1st floor Randolph house 4 Charlotte lane Edinburgh EH2 4QZ 4 Charlotte Lane · Edinburgh

  • Estimation : Story Points are not Numbers and other curious explorations.
    One of the most controversial, political, painful and misunderstood tools in the agile toolbox is story point estimation. It is the solution to and the cause of many of our problems! In this talk we will look at how story points are a painful tool for new teams in measuring capacity and relative velocity. But then suddenly they become easy and much more abstract. Why?... Lets discuss the cognitive processes that are related to the use of Story Points. Our exploration will ask some very interesting questions that we normally gloss over:- Things like :- Why are they so difficult to use initially, why are they so easy to use with a mature stable team? Why is there a rejection of their use by many new people? What do Story Points really represent? - time, complexity or something else that is intuitive? What is going on during the calibration process? How does this relate to the theory of the mind? What was the evolutionary development in humans that the story point process uses? Do we have a pre-numeric human estimation system clashing with numbers initially causing cognitive dissonance? Warning Elephants may be involved…

    The Bright Purple Academy

    Bright Purple Resourcing, 3rd Floor, Eagle Building 19 Rose Street · Edinburgh

  • The Board Whisperer (Work in progress)
    Chris has had to pull out of the talk at last minute but we are very lucky to have Gary Flemming (Also a well know face in the Lean Agile Community and Reg of Scot. So slight change of talk but still a a great Agilist with a brand new talk. Gary's Bio: As an agile coach focussing on technical practices and software crafting, Gary Fleming tries to help teams fill the gaps they have when it comes time to do the work. Sometimes that means helping development teams better their testing practices, increasing their communication, or learning how to do reliable, well-structured, well-tested, continuous delivery many times per day. Talk abstract: At this point in Agile’s lifecycle, many teams have switched to using a Kanban Board. Some are simple, three-column trackers; others are considerably more involved. Yet, many teams don’t know how to stop for a moment and listen to their board. It’s gently trying to nudge them about the changes that it needs to make them a better team. Come along and learn how we can go from simple to just complicated enough, smoothly. In a new team, we started with a three-column standard to something that fits us perfectly. Our board won’t work for you, but by learning how, when, and why we made our changes, you can make a board that works perfectly for your team too. See the patterns and anti-patterns; listen to the change that your board is crying out for; and enjoy the results.

    Registers of Scotland

    St Vincent Plaza, St Vincent Street · Glasgow

  • What is a Proposition Anyway?
    What’s a proposition anyway? Start-ups, SMEs, corporates. All equally poor at creating successful new propositions, regardless of sector or experience. “Need a process? No thanks, not us, we know what we’re doing, we’ll just build it…” “Get potential customers involved? No thanks, we’re all customer experts…” “Proposition? Erm, not sure, is it marketing?” These are some of the common attitudes that prevent us from addressing the common challenges and issues facing us as innovators, and in turn, lead to failure. Proposition B has supported 50 innovation projects in the last 18 months…the result is Proposition Builder, their own end-to-end innovation process. On the night, the guys will talk us through the PB process (briefly), then get everyone on their feet for an interactive workshop, looking at one of their key techniques. Simple but challenging. Fun but hopefully thought-provoking. https://propositionb.com/pbinnovate/ Speaker Carey's McEvoy, Details: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carey-mcevoy-82a10543 Director at proposition B (formerly Wee Big Innovation) – driving innovation and growth, and encouraging businesses to make bolder moves. For many years I have worked in and around large corporates, SMEs and start-ups, and across a variety of sectors. Before setting up proposition B I was creating innovative and disruptive propositions with Market Gravity (now part of Deloitte) Along the way I seem to have developed an entrepreneurial streak, setting up two successful national children’s charities and being inspired by Scotland’s entrepreneurial renaissance. The culmination of all this is a drive to see businesses create new propositions with their customers' needs truly at the heart of their innovation process. Mark Thomson shares my vision and together we bring a range of skills and experience, from innovation to investment, customer insight to an affordable design. And always with a strong commercial yet entrepreneurial attitude. Lastly, we also bring incredible energy and enthusiasm to our clients, bringing their teams with us rather than "telling them". We believe strongly in collaborative consultancy, and we'll care as much about your business as you do Background? Prior to Market Gravity, I created The Kiltwalk – a start-up charity that generated £2.4m profit for children’s charities in 3 years and continues to flourish under the Hunter Foundation Strong commercial background with 12 years experience in Financial Services including senior commercial roles for Tesco Bank and Senior Management Accountant for Royal Bank of Scotland, with a proven track record of commercial and marketing/branding success. This included launching Tesco Clubcard Credit Card, recruiting over 1.2m new customers for Tesco Bank and launching an instant finance product for Tesco Stores. I'm also a qualified accountant, but I'm slowly getting over that... Carey Mark's Details https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-thomson-2b99696

    Lorien Resourcing,

    4 Charlotte Lane · Edinburgh

  • Encountering Nexus (Glasgow)
    While many of us in the Meetup Group know SAFe well, and like it, it's not the only Scaling method available to us. One of our own, Martin Hinshelwood, is one of the few top level trainers in the Scrum.org world, and he will be introducing us to Nexus (https://www.scrum.org/resources/online-nexus-guide) - their view of the Agility world when viewed at scale. Martin will also be running some formal training for the experienced Scrum Master who wants to go deeper https://nkdagility.com/training/scheduled/professional-scrum-master-glasgow-scotland-26th-febuary-2018/

    XEDO Software

    Second Floor, 45 W Nile St, Glasgow · G1 2PT

  • Burns Night & Is there Life Beyond Jira?
    As it's Burns Night, we would not be Scottish if we did not celebrate the Immortal Bard. So we will have a short talk on the Radical Robert Burns and look at how his mindset is not that different to key aspects of the Agile Mindset. The Talk will highlight Agile Values that relate to events in Burns life or poems that he wrote. This will be fun and will explore what it is to be Agile rather than just do agile techniques. We will also explore: Is There Life Beyond Jira? Delivering Agile Programs & Portfolios - particularly with distributed organizations - has more needs than an extended bug-tracker can support, and usually more intensive stakeholder communication demands than can be satisfied with physical boards alone. We have invited the good folks from CA to give us a deeper dive into their Agile Central tool (which some of us still call Rally) to see how it resolves the pain points in larger organisations. It's our opportunity to grill them a bit too, to make them sing a bit for their Haggis! This promises to be a great night; if you would like to collaborate and have any ideas to augment the event please let us know!

    The Bright Purple Academy

    Bright Purple Resourcing, 3rd Floor, Eagle Building 19 Rose Street · Edinburgh

  • Scaling Agile & DevOps Scotland At The Royal Bank Of Scotland
    Our most successful event was at RBS in the Spring, and we thought we'd like both a wee update, and - to vary from the normal round of PowerPoint - a fun learning activity that will help us work with Agility at Scale. Royal Bank of Scotland - WoW Update TheArtOfAgile - Learning Simulation The simulation is an interactive group activity which focuses on delivering learnings around agility and devOps. The learning unfolds through multiple rounds of work, where team members are assigned roles, are rotated and at times disrupted in order to simulate real life challenges. The session is designed to replicate elements of collaboration at scale, handling change and work hand-offs. The audience will be encouraged to voice their own observations, reflections and better ways of working, whilst the facilitators would aim to illustrate how the experience relates to agile practices and methods. All materials will be provided, so simply come along and take advantage of this opportunity to engage and learn. RBS' transformation continues to gather momentum, and is drawing in a number of our dear Meetup members (including both group organizers). Our most successful event was at RBS in the Spring, and we thought we'd like both a wee update, and - to vary from the normal round of PowerPoint - a fun learning activity that will help us work with Agility at Scale. And of course, we'll have some food and refreshments, and some time to get to know each other. Your content leaders for this time are Tony Christensen Tony is head of DevOps Development and Implementation at RBS, and is the roving Agile honcho of sorts, working with execs to create the conditions for change. He is a senior IT executive and passionate, pragmatic Agilista with 30 years experience in the Banking & Finance, Telecommunications and Online industries. Kylie Yearsley Kylie has an emphatically title-free Agile role at RBS, but one that plays a leading part in bringing new mindsets and ways of working to the bank.

    This Meetup is past

    RBS Business School

    175 Glasgow Rd Gogarburn · Edinburgh

  • Scaled Agile Hot Topics at Atos (Glasgow)
    We are back in Glasgow in September! We have had some feedback and so we are changing the format for Thursday to make it more fun. Because we are user centric! So we are picking a couple of topics of interest to anyone involved in large-scale product development whether using SAFe or not. Agenda, 6.30pm - 7.00pm Networking (Pizza / drinks) 7.00pm -8.00pmLightning talks 8.30 - Finish and Head to the Pub for discussion What we have decided to do is pick some topics and do them as lightning talks. Short talks that are of interest to anyone beginner or expert. So, Scott Seivwright will talk about Lean UX Lean UX is an incredibly useful technique when working on projects where the agile development method is used. Traditional UX techniques often don’t work when development is conducted in rapid bursts – there’s not enough time to deliver UX in the same way. Fundamentally Lean UX and other forms of UX all have the same goal in mind; delivering a great user experience it’s just that the way you work on a project is slightly different. So let’s take a look at how that might work. And then, Craig Cockburn will talk about Lean Kanban and Lean Portfolio Management. Both key parts of the scaled framework and by picking one or two we can focus on a relatively deep dive on the topic. At later meetings, we will pick other parks of the SAFe Framework to discuss in detail. CA Consulting will be providing sponsorship and they will be providing Drinks and Pizza. - Thanks, Martin. All are welcomed and there will be plenty opportunity for questions - discussion. Craig Cockburn is a Lean-Agile practitioner and SAFe Program Consultant. He started off as a software engineer and later test manager before becoming a freelance project manager in 2007. After encountering Agile in 2006, he has worked with Scrum, DSDM, different scaled methods and works in both coaching and delivery management. He also sits on the BCS Agile Specialist Group committee which organises the London Lean Kanban days conference each April. He is a Certified SAFe Agilist and SPC4 and recently completed an 8 month Agile assignment with Atos. Scott Seivwright is a Lean-Agile Coach and SAFe Practioner. Since studying Deming's work in 1987 he has been hooked on doing things better and embracing new ways of working. He is passionate about Kaisen, Lean-Agile, Theory of Constraints, DevOps and customer-centric software development, He works with organisations to help them move towards greater Business Agility and to develop great software that their users love - because they help build it.


    60 York Street · Glasgow