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Monthly Meeting: What's That Under the Water? -- by Tom & Sara Noland
Aquatic insects are a diverse and fascinating group of creatures. Here in western Washington we have the chance to encounter many of these inhabitants of freshwater ponds and streams. Tom and Sara Noland will share photos and live specimens collected locally. Come and learn about the aquatic insects commonly found in this area, the roles they play in stream and pond habitats, how they have been used to measure the health of stream ecosystems, and some of their bizarre and wonderful adaptations to life in the water. Tom and Sara, long-time Scarabs, have been bringing aquatic insects to the annual September Bug Day (which we'll have to skip this year) for many years. They know the local wet bugs and the hot spots to find them! Don't miss this meeting! As always, all are welcome at our meetings, whether members or not. (Dues paying ( ) members get a newsletter by postal mail). RSVP if you want an email reminder. Otherwise, just show up! Click this link ( ) to get a PDF sheet of driving directions for Woodland Park Zoo's "Penguin Parking Lot". Parking will be free. The CWC is a small building directly to your right as you enter the Penguin lot.

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The Scarabs are an informal group of folks who, for diverse reasons, are interested in insects and/or spiders. We have banded together (perhaps "swarmed" would be a better word) to socialize, exchange views, see interesting programs, and go on field trips with like-minded people.

Real scarabs (a type of beetle) spend their time burying balls of dung. The Scarabs, however, meet once a month, usually for a lecture or presentation, sometimes for a picnic or party. We go on field trips to collect, watch, or photograph the creatures of our choice. We publish a monthly newsletter, "Scarabogram," with news, articles, illustrations, and poetry. We show and tell about our collections and memorabilia. And of course we talk about bugs!

Members range in age from young children to retirees, and in experience from rank beginners to seasoned professional entomologists. Local members, who can attend meetings, are preferred, but others are not turned away. The only requirement is an interest in the subject matter!

All are welcome at our meetings, whether members or not.

Please see our website ( for more information, including dues and instructions on how to join. (Note: Joining here will get you meeting reminders but does not automatically make you an official member. The following website explains how to do that.)

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