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Members are from Scarborough and surrounding areas, who get together for walks, meals ,music , drinks, quizzes, films and shows. The club has been running for over fIve years. Annual Membership £10. Funds used for purchasing tickets in advance and website expenses. New members please contact the organiser, Stuart Smith. 01723 376158 or 07752424553 . (dsb127@btinternet.com)

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Tell Me Something New at Sue’s home

Needs a location

Sue would like to host an evening at her home for members who would be interested in sharing their delight, excitement and interests in anything that catches their attention or absorbs them big time. The world is such an exciting place. Often she comes across topics that she would love to share/ discuss with others. It doesn't matter what they want to tell the group about, or the level of our knowledge relating to it, so long as it is wholesome and what we might consider edifying. It won't appeal to everyone but she thinks it will appeal to those of us who go around with our eyes wide open, our ears tuned and our antennae quivering, ready for new imput. If this evening is successful, she would like to suggest that it become an ongoing event, perhaps to be hosted by different individuals in places of their choice. She wants to learn. She hopes others feel the same. She would like us to bring along topics of interest and fascination to share. It doesn't matter if you have come across it in a newspaper, book, through the television, personal experience or the Internet. If it excites you, then come and tell the rest of us. Maybe bring several different pieces to share with any accompanying, books, maps, drawings, photos, diaries, blogs etc that will help us to get the idea. Be ready to talk about each topic for about ten mins. Don't be shy. This is about an opportunity to learn. I don't mind what subjects you bring. Of course they should be wholesome and what one would call edifying. You can talk to us about volcanoes, how trees communicate, what's up in the sky above us or down under our feet. What old wisdoms are worth saving and maybe rediscovering, your thoughts about great artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Matisse. If you are interested in it, we want to be too. Don't be shy, be curious. Let others open your eyes, as you will surely do for them. We are just a group of amateurs, scratching our heads maybe, as we get to grip with bigger ideas! I propose to have some refreshments and eats for half an hour. If you feel you can contribute, that would be much appreciated. If this is successful, it might be nice to consider further sessions e.g. a couple of times a month. Come, enlighten our darkness and have some fun with us.

Casino Night Out at the Crescent - Formal Dress Night

Dress up for a night at the Casino . Games of Roulette, Pontoon and Poker. Games of chance . Bring a bottle.

The Curse of the Smuggler’s ScarboroughRun £10 ( £8 con )

scarborough market hall and market vaults

This summer, watch as Scarborough’s rich maritime past comes to life in a new action-adventure musical The Curse of the Smuggler’s Run. It's the Scarborough of 1822 and smuggling is an everyday occurrence. When firebrand revenue man George 'Flogger' Ballard arrives to end this trade in contraband, events take a dangerous turn for the people of the Old Town. With the threat of the noose or transportation never far away, local merchant and smuggler James Law finds himself the target of Ballard’s interference, while young Hetty Pashby finds herself becoming drawn into a world of adventure, treachery and whispers of buried gold.

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes w/ Imogen Clark £12

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