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We hand finish our own slacks, shirts, skirts, suits, and dresses. The meeting gives us encouragement to assemble clothes on our machines at home with the prospect of enjoyable conversation while we baste, tack, hem, and sew buttons. All skill levels are welcome, but this is not a school. Self-sufficient high fashion is the goal. If you are weary of the rack and want to return to the perfectly sewn clothes of your youth, please come. If this is your first foray into a more polished appearance, by all means join us. Please also come if you quilt or engage in any other portable hand sewing. And remember that A means Able.

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Penny's apartment

Anytime any of you would like to come over and baste or hem or do buttons or quilt by hand, please email me with a day and time. Then I’ll post it and invite everyone else with a Meetup announcement. Please see past meetings for more details on location and intent. There must be many of you, like me, who have tried to restart an old sewing habit, or who want to start a new one. My big idea here was to add the incentive of a regular deadline and pleasant company. In this city no one has any free time, but we all know you can make time. This Meetup is meant as an avenue to make time for sewing. Whenever you’re ready, I’m all set to schedule and host the next meeting.

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