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Do you love Halloween? Do you love being scared...or hate it, but, can't stop wanting more? Basically, are you fun? This is our year around group always looking for a fun time and a little scary and horror themed never hurt no one ;-)

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The Tension Experience: Ascension
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

You are Invited We invite you to enter the doors of the O.O.A. Institute, a mysterious organization that promises enlightenment, but at what cost? Nothing is quite what it seems and something sinister lurks behind every welcoming smile… Participants lucky enough to be permitted inside will discover fervent disciples, tasks that probe and chronicle the darkest recesses of their mind and, sometimes, unexplainable terror. Individual decisions will unravel whether this is a true path to enlightenment or merely an elaborate trap set by a dangerous cult. Ascension is more than immersive theater, more than a haunted house and more than anything you could possibly imagine. It is a journey into darkness with the possibility of being reborn in the light. The moment we've been waiting for has come! We will finally see what Tension Experience has to offer. We don't have a time confirmed yet...I want to get a group together to know how many people and what availabilities everyone has. The event takes place in September; so RSVP with a weekend you have free...either the weekend of the 10th or the 24th. Let's do this Creepers!

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Cliftons and The Alchemist Escape Treasure Hunt

Clifton's Republic


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