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"Making Hiking a Team Sport to Give You the Most Fun Ever"


Video is Winner of the Coveted *Escaping the Outdoors* Award

"The Snowballs" - Nov 2018

Escaping the Outdoors is a combination of a Hiking Club, an easier Tough Mudder, an Escape Room and an easier Fitness Bootcamp .. . to maximize fun!

Events are 2 to 4 hours. For weekend outdoor enthusiasts. Participants must be single. No dogs or kids allowed. Events include athletic challenges, mental challenges and teamwork:


*Hiking - 3 to 6 miles
*Map reading
*Fitness Activities
*Like Field Games in school
*For all ability levels
*Opt out of any challenge

*Solve riddles
*Solve puzzles
*Find clues
*Like an escape room
*All outdoors

*6 to 10 in a group
*More interaction
*All abilities in a group
*Work together
*Feel like a kid again


More details:
Each team has different abilities. Like any team sport, the most athletic will do the most athletic challenges, those who are less fit will contribute in other ways. For example, are you good taking photos with your phone? Take the best nature photo to win points for your team! Are you athletic and fit? Do 20 extra jumping jacks to win points for your team!

Points are scored as you scavenger hunt, collect clues, do athletic challenges, do mental challenges and interact as a team. The team with the most points wins. Camaraderie and team spirit counts as much as time. This allows novice, intermediate and advanced walkers to participate.

Attendees are split into smaller groups to maximize the interaction you'll have with other singles. Expect more fun and more interaction than you would have on a typical hike. What a great way to meet singles!

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