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Himalayan/Nepalese/Japanese Cuisine at Yeti of Hieizan

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Let's go for Himalayan/Nepalese/Japanese Food !

We have 2 tatami Style room reserved by our group, each room fits 12 people, So we will be divided by two rooms. The tatami style room need you to take off your shoes, so please wear clean socks ;)

Attention: We are going to eat Family Style with serving spoon, Do not RSVP if Family style is not for you. we will split the final bill of food . Every individual is responsible to pay their own drinks.

We will play Board game after Dinner (I will bring one Board Game, Pls bring your favorite one if you like)

Payment: Cash Only!

Please take your RSVP seriously as other guests often have to be turned away. There will be a $3.00 organization fee for this meetup to be collected at the day of the event.

(Please Understand and appreciate that Organizer has to research the venue, go in person to check the place, Talk to the manager for the reservation ,Taking Time to Make this Informatics meetup page, Be at event earlier and leave late, Collecting the Money from each individuals since most restaurant doesn't split the bill , the $3.00 Organization fee is to keep the organization and fun going, do not rsvp if you don't agreed)

Here is the picture for Sample of Tatami room (Similar Picture)

Yelp Review:

Looking for sushi, we stumbled upon this Nepalese/Japanese spot on Queens Blvd and 46th St. We had edamame and miso soup to start. My girlfriend ordered an excellent chicken curry dish (that came complete with rice pudding). I was able to order my a la carte rolls and drink an above average Mango Lassi. The interior was cozy - nice big wooden booths, that really gave a feeling of privacy. They also have a nice looking sushi bar and a blue-lit bar that looks like it would really welcome a nice dance party. The service was great and the sushi - some of the best I've had in Queens.

Suggested Dishes:

"The Chicken Thali ( is great too."

Yeti of Hieizan

Yeti of Hieizan (on Queens Blvd south at 44th street) is a full fledged Japanese restaurant, but it’s much more than that – it’s half Nepalese and offers a wide assortment of traditional Nepalese dishes. It’s a bit on the more expensive side and some of the dishes can be hit or miss, but overall the quality is good and the atmosphere is great.

Yeti of Hieizan

Inside, there is a bar, a regular dining area (semi-private booths), as well as private rooms which you can reserve (and where you sit on the floor with your shoes off). They also serve take-out!

Mango tuna appetizer

What looks like a tuna steak is actually an elaborate structure consisting of stacked little tuna cubes. The tuna is lightly seared and topped with sesame and a special sauce. There is even some roe to top it all off, and actual pieces of mango and oranges, which complement the tuna surprisingly nicely. This “mango tuna” ($8) was really good, although perhaps the taste of mango overshadowed the tuna a bit too much.

Vegetarian Thali

This vegetarian thali ($10) may not look like a lot of food, but trust me – it is; I didn’t even finish all of mine. It’s also available for a slightly higher price with various meats, but I had the chicken one once and definitely prefer this vegetarian option. You can mix and match the ingredients with the rice to your liking (some of them are a little spicy). One of the bowls even has rice pudding, which you can treat as dessert.

Seafood pancake

One of the special entrees is this aptly named seafood pancake (a little steep at $14). It’s unclear what kind of seafood exactly is inside of it, but it is quite good and not too “fishy” in taste, which would ordinarily be a big concern with this type of dish. And what looks like soy sauce in the center is actually a special sauce made specifically to complement this dish.


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