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We just started a learning group about Python Basics and Data Analysis. Anyone who has no background or interested in learning AI/Data Analysis please find me in wechat: feistar.

We have TA!

Hello, This is Fei Wen Here! I'm the dean for the School of AI, Shanghai China. I'm now running 2 companies about AI, one is for medical diagnose, the other is an education company.

The School of AI’s mission is to offer a world-class AI education to anyone on Earth, for FREE. Our doors are open to all those who wish to learn. We are a learning community that spans almost every country dedicated to teaching our students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology, whether that's through employment or entrepreneurship.

We are working on setting up our first meet-up soon. To stay up to date on when and where we will host our next meetup please sign up for our group.

If someone is interested in learning AI, or experts who is willing to share and know people in this area, please send me an email at feistar@mdcare.ai, or join our facebook group.

To learn more about the school of ai you can visit http://bit.ly/SchoolOfAI

Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/465353113977175/

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我们刚刚成立了一个Python学习小组, 主要针对基本没有背景, 或者有很少背景但是想要学习数据分析和人工智能的同学, 想要学习的同学请加我的微信: feistar



我是问飞, 确实姓问……我是School of AI在上海的Dean, 现在主要就在做医疗用的AI和一家IT培训公司。

School of AI的目标是为全世界提供世界级的, 免费的AI教育, 我们随时欢迎所有想要学习AI, 以及想要用学到的AI知识改变世界的人们加入我们, 我们的社区遍布世界各地。

如果您想要学习AI,或者您是该领域的专家, 并且想把您所学到的只是分享给大家, 或者认识同行, 欢迎发送邮件feistar@mdcare.ai, 或者通过微信feistar联系到我。

想要了解更多关于School of AI, 请访问 http://bit.ly/SchoolOfAI (需要翻墙)

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