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Hermetic Magick 101
In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of Hermetic Magick, developing an understanding rooted in actual experience, as opposed to only theory. This will be a very intensive experience, and as such is only recommended for serious explorers of the divine Mystery. Expect to move, face your vulnerability, and discover -- on ever deep levels -- that magick is all around you. During the 9-hour intensive, we will explore the ways in which the hermetic principles (mentality, vibration, correspondence, rhythm, cause + effect, polarity, gender) manifest in the various planes of existence. The rough schedule: * First, we explore the Physical. The body is the holy temple of God and we must learn to maintain the temple. We will learn to treat the body with awareness, and the art of observing without embellishment. * Then, we explore the Soul. Desire only from freedom, for it is the voice of God. All magick stems from desire. The Hermeticist seeks such a purity of soul that their desire finds perfect alignment with the Life. They become like the wind and miracles happen around them without any effort. We will begin to taste the meaning of that statement "Of myself I do nothing, but through me the Life does all things". * Finally, we explore the Spirit. I am that I AM. The timeless state. The field from which all knowledge comes. The supreme guru. Silence. Nothing. Everything. No words apply. Nothing to teach. We will learn the art of resting - of bathing - in Self. Details * This is a FREE workshop. Donations are completely optional and only accepted after workshop is completed. * Eat a light breakfast and please be sure to bring a lunch with you. * Be healthy enough to be able sit down for 30 minutes and do basic yoga poses. * Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced explorers welcome! Let us teach each other. The only prerequisite is an open mind. * Only 5 spots are available. As such, please only RSVP if you are going to come. If you realize you can't come, please un-RSVP, so someone else can take the spot :-) Thank you!


20 Dix St · Boston, ma

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