Drawing Wire II - Extrasensory Drawing

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The most important tool for drawing is our eyes. By observing the light bouncing off skin we build a picture in our heads of a world which we then transfer, as best we can, onto paper. In our minds eye, we see far more than colour and tone. We see softness, contrast, form, translucence and shadow. We may even infer warmth, weight or feel.

This workshop will provide participants with extra senses to utilise. It will aim to extend and augment the artists' natural vision by providing depth and near-IR videography of the model. Participants will be encouraged to use this extra information not simply to improve the technical aspects of their drawing but also to explore what we mean by visual representation.

These workshops are intended to be exploratory and we hope they will challenge you to think and draw in new ways. They are also intended to be fun! We welcome participants with all levels of experience and from all backgrounds.

We provide basic tools like paper and boards and any special equipment required, but please bring your favourite drawing materials.

Drawing Wire

This is the second of a series of experimental workshops looks to the future of drawing by imagining how the practice might evolve in response to technology. Each workshop in the series introduces technological disruptions or augmentations into the traditional life drawing session.

Drawing is one of the oldest and most elemental creative disciplines. By making simple marks in response to what we see, we are training many of the core abilities of an artist, from close observation and mark making to creative expression and imagination. Life drawing in particular, involves dissolving the most intimate of subjects—the human body—into a 2D representation that packages all of our aesthetic and emotive responses. As technology continues to influence our lives in new and pervasive ways, so to must drawing's potential to utilise and reflect on those changes.

This event is organised as part of Co-June (http://schoolofma.org/co-june/) at the School of Machines.