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The School of Sufi Teaching Scotland would like to offer a warm welcome to those interested in authentic Sufi meditation: a centuries old, practical, dynamic and proven form of silent meditation that promotes a deeper understanding of intuition, leading to profound insights into both spiritual and worldly matters.

The silent meditation is unique to our Order (Naqshbandi Mujaddidi) and will help bring vitality, balance, creativity and a clear, spiritual understanding of life to the practitioner. The practice of this meditation transforms the nature of the heart and ultimately brings about a change in the self and one’s relation to the world.

‘If Sufism is defined as mystical or the way of the mystic, then its message addresses all peoples, not just the followers of one religion. Every faith has its own Sufism. In every nation and community there have been Sufis, although they have taken different names and adopted varying practices.’

(From the book, Turning Towards the Heart: Awakening to the Sufi Way (Forty Questions and Answers), by Hazrat Azad Rasool (r.a.) and published by Fons Vitae in 2002.)

In the ongoing search for truth, happiness and purpose, many paths may be followed. The School of Sufi Teaching has established a branch in Scotland to help reveal the way preferred by the Sufis as searchers for what is really true.

If you are currently finding that you are yearning for, and wish to make a more positive connection to your life and your self, come and spend some time with us and attend one of our introductory Meetup sessions which are usually held on the last Sunday of each month.

If you come along to one of these Meetup sessions you will have the chance to learn a little about our path and practices, and then sit for a short time in meditation to experience the effect and benefits first hand. There will also be the opportunity for you to ask questions and for informal conversation. These sessions last between an hour and an hour-and-a-half in total and are held in Glasgow’s West End (at a location 2 minutes walk from St George’s Cross underground station).

All members of our Meetup group receive regular notification of forthcoming dates of our introductory sessions through the Meetup calendar. New members who then wish to continue to gain benefit from our meditation practices may subsequently attend our regular weekly meetings, which take place on Thursday evenings. All meetings and practices are given freely.

If you would like to find out more about the Scottish branch of the School of Sufi Teaching you can look at our local website: http://schoolofsufiteachingscotland.com or gain more detailed information from the main School of Sufi Teaching website:
http://www.schoolofsufiteaching . Trying the meditation is, however, the best way to understand the qualities and benefits that come from following our practices.

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