Mini Medicine Walk - walk the woods to find insight for your life

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8 people went

Price: £25.00 /per person

Vert Woods

nr Laughton · Lewes

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Full directions on how to get there and how to find us will be sent after booking.

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NB This is a change to the original longer Medicine Walk, and will be a bit more relaxed. Costs and details have been changed accordingly....

A Medicine Walk is a ritual of aimless solo wandering - the goal of the walk is to be without a goal.

There is a lot to be gained from this solitary time in Nature.

On a Medicine Walk, you can walk wherever you want (within reason), wandering slowly across the landscape: off trails, through the bushes, along streams, wherever seems interesting.

Taking the time to reflect on what you see, or following an animal trail through the bushes, you become engulfed in the world around you, losing yourself in the present moment.

The idea is to let go of the worries and concerns of daily life and instead to focus on the present moment, and listen to your instincts, be curious, and explore and challenge your fears.

The experience can be incredibly joyful and relaxing.

The learning and insight that comes from a medicine walk comes from the experiences that you have during the walk, and from what nature, and the Mystery of the more-than-human world reflect back to you.

This might come from getting lost for a time, watching birds sit in the trees, or watching the sun move across the sky.

On a Medicine Walk you learn about the physical world around you, your own physical and mental abilities, and to be a more acute observer.

Often the insight and awareness into your life are preceded by a letting go of the problem or concern.

So, this is an opportunity to walk by yourself, with the Mystery as your ally and your guide, and have the woods be a mirror for your journey.

It's a chance to leave "your familiar world to wander, opening to new insights and gifts through direct and immediate contact with the wildness of the world."

A Medicine Walk traditionally happens from dawn to dusk, in preparation for an initiation ceremony.

However, for our shorter half-day event, we'll first sit together round the fire in a talking circle, to help you find your theme or question of the moment, to take out with you into the woods.

You'll then spend a couple of hours solo walking, wandering, listening, receiving ~ in conversation with nature, the trees and the more-than-human world.

Before you go out, you'll receive guidance on ways of staying open to the land so that it can be a mirror to your inner landscape.

When you come back to the circle, you'll be invited to share your journey, in order to bring a deeper understanding to your experience.

if you move carefully
through the forest...

you come
to a place
whose only task

is to trouble you
with tiny
but frightening requests,

conceived out of nowhere
but in this place
beginning to lead everywhere.'

~ David Whyte

Read more about Medicine Walks here ( ).

The weather forecast is looking good, but in case of bad weather there is shelter in the woods, plus...

"Although it may not seem appealing, and our conditioning tells us we should have dry weather to have a good/nice time, a Medicine Walk is a chance to be with the elements as well as everything else around you in a new way. (And it may not be about having a 'nice' time...) In other words, if it's wet, bring waterproofs and we'll invite you to go out regardless of the weather... The weather IS the walk..."

This full day session is being facilitated by Nigel Berman.

The cost of this workshop is now £25.

(Limited to a max of 10 places. RSVP essential as we need to know numbers, thanks.)

• Suitable for beginners and those with experience.

• Bring food to eat on your walk.

• There’ll be hot drinks available around the fire

• Full directions sent after booking

Feedback from the Medicine Walk we ran in October:

"It was great, beautifully and thoughtfully led" - Denise

"Inspirational & insightful!" - Ngan

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