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School of Nakamoto is a world where you learn the things that will help you change the world for the better. We believe that starts with Bitcoin and the technologies that led to the discovery of bitcoin. From there, the journey is your own. We will provide core foundational journeys related to economics, technology, philosophy, & hackathons to put it all together.

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Lightning for Everyone

Linger Longer Lounge

Join us for a presentation on lightning by Santos Hernandez.

Lightning for Everyone is a nontechnical and layman's introduction to Lightning, the fast, low fees, and highly scalable network built on top of Bitcoin.

Learn about the practical benefits offered to you as an individual or firm in stark contrast to the existing legacy financial systems/banks. You’ll also get to learn about the many practical use cases of lightning and how it reduces user friction related to your products.

Lastly, you'll conclude the presentation by completing your first lightning transaction courtesy of ZEBEDEE.

Santos Hernandez is an aggressive self-paced learner. He is entirely self-taught, dropping out of high school at 15 years old. He began using computers at age 4 and building software at age 11. His background is in FinTech, working previously for American Express on the Global Data Repository team. He left the legacy financial system back in June of 2021 to join ZEBEDEE as the Product Manager where has been responsible for leading the development and continuous improvement of a suite of lightning products.

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