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In 1935, a theoretical physicist named Erwin Schrodinger devised a thought experiment to explain some of the difficult concepts of quantum mechanics. In the thought experiment, he posited that if you placed a cat in a box with a device that could release radioactive particles and then sealed the box, at any point, the outside observer could say that the cat was both alive and dead at the same time.

I bring this up because as writers, we work in almost complete isolation, pouring our hearts and souls into our work. When we finish a manuscript, before we hand it to someone else to read, it is like Schrodinger's Cat in that it is both the most significant piece of literature ever written and a complete and total piece of garbage. It is not until the box is unsealed--or we give our manuscript to an outside person--that we have any idea which is actually true.

As serious writers, we need both nurturing, encouragement, positive motivation and honest feedback from likeminded writers. I am hoping to create a group of experienced writers that will create a small but dedicated community of support, motivation and feedback so that our cats will all live long and healthy lives!

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Schrodinger's Cat Meeting

Icon at Dulles

This will be the first regular meeting of the group. It's important that you RSVP as this meeting will be limited to the first 8 people to RSVP. Details on how to upload your writing submissions will be provided to those who are confirmed. Location and directions will be provided to confirmed attendees. Thanks! See you there!

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