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What we’re about

Spectrum: The London Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Group is a group of active writers in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and other speculative fiction realms, who get together to critique each others work, share knowledge, and generally encourage one another. Members are serious about their writing, open to honest criticism, and willing to offer critical insight to their fellow writers.

You can find our website at

Who this group is for: Writers of speculative fiction working on short story, novel and similar formats, including the odd poem. While we have the occasional screen writer among our ranks, please note this group primarily focuses on the published format.

Who should attend: Both aspiring and published authors are welcome; our membership is a good mix of both. Spectrum is a great arena to workshop your story, find out what is working, what might not be, and to gain insight from members with a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds.

How often we meet: We operate a hybrid format at the moment, using our very own Discord server for most of our online activities, as well as meeting in pubs, bookshops and event spaces in London. Critique meetings take place roughly every two weeks, and we have monthly special events and daily online write-together check-ins.

What is expected of you: We use a variant of the Milford method. At every critique session we examine a work submitted by one or two members, usually a chapter from their novel or a short story. Members are expected to read the submission before attending, with an eye toward providing constructive feedback to the author. Each member will be given approximately 2.5-3 minutes to provide feedback, and can also provide the author with more detailed written comments as well. The author then gets to respond to comments uninterrupted, and then there is open discussion for a few minutes. If we're critiquing two stories, we have a brief break and come back to do it all over again!

What you can expect: To get motivated and inspired, to improve your craft, to build confidence in your own work, to network with others, to learn about the publishing industry, and to have fun doing it!

For more details on how the group works, check out our website, and join our Discord server. See you there!