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Do you want to save the world over the weekend?
See yourself s a hero among your peers, a scheming villain, or a monster to strike fear in the hearts of all? You can become all these and more with Live Action Role Play.
(Check out our website for details: http://www.lotna-larp.co.uk )

At LOTNA LARPing we confront Cybermen, aliens, replicators, werewolves, interdimensional demons, Goa'uld, Predators, and indefinable monsters dredged straight from nightmares. How will you survive under pressure? Will you end up an Alien's breakfast, or can you lead a team through every adversary? How will you know until you try?

Travel to a distant world, become a character from your favourite fandom, and survive incredible odds through your skill and wits alone.
Don't just watch it on TV, get out there and live it.

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These are the voyages of the USS Phoenix - Game 1 - One day LARP game

Ultimate Wargames

This will be the first of our Star Trek: The original series inspired live action role play series of games. More details TBA.

We will start the day at 10(ish)am with a brief introduction to the site and how to use the kit for new players. There will be a morning game on a different theme and more of a skirmish nature to introduce players to the kit and general mechanics of the LARP system we use.

The site address is Ultimate Wargames, 1 School lane, Fawkham, Kent DA3 8NY. The SatNav location is slightly off, the site is at the other end of the street near Three Gates Road.

The nearest train station is Longfield, and there's usually a bunch of people heading down from Victoria on the 9:10 train with a view to be there by around 10am - we can meet at Victoria if you want to travel in the group. Let us know if you're coming by train so we can pick you up from Longfield station and make sure you have contact details for at least one of the organisers or designated drivers in case anything goes wrong.

If you haven't read our 'New Player Welcome Pack' or 'What to expect from your first LARP game' guide, it's highly recommended you read these first. They can be found on our website,

But in brief...
We will be in a woodland outdoor environment for most of the day. Bring good footwear, appropriate clothing (either themed [i.e. appropriate for your character in the Star Trek universe] or military blacks for NPCs, plus cameos or unobtrusive colours that you don't mind possibly getting dirty for the skirmishes), and plenty of water. If you don't have your own kit (laser tag toy and sensor), we have loan kit that we can provide, but please let us know that it's needed so we make sure to pack enough.

Cost is £20 for the one day games to cover site hire. Please make sure you have your own food and plenty to drink as there aren't any shops nearby. We also often head to a pub afterwards to kick back a few drinks and share some war stories.

Any other questions, please let us know. We do our best to make this as fun and accessible as possible.

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1 day event - "Worlds Collide"

Ultimate Wargames

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