What we're about

Do you want to save the world over the weekend?
See yourself s a hero among your peers, a scheming villain, or a monster to strike fear in the hearts of all? You can become all these and more with Live Action Role Play.
(Check out our website for details: http://www.lotna-larp.co.uk )

At LOTNA LARPing we confront Cybermen, aliens, replicators, werewolves, interdimensional demons, Goa'uld, Predators, and indefinable monsters dredged straight from nightmares. How will you survive under pressure? Will you end up an Alien's breakfast, or can you lead a team through every adversary? How will you know until you try?

Travel to a distant world, become a character from your favourite fandom, and survive incredible odds through your skill and wits alone.
Don't just watch it on TV, get out there and live it.

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